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Dice4Scratch: test and enjoy


Dice4Scratch are DIY dice; each face has four blocks code printed on it, for a max of 24 blocks

The idea is to use the dice for creating Scratch's challenges, using the blocks appearing after throwing.

Possible uses:

1) make three throws; you will obtain twelve blocks of code
2) use these 12 block for creating a project in 10 minutes
3) all block must be used, also more times

Would be better to have three dice to throw, as they can show at the same time the blocks to be used

I made two kind of die: Basic and Advanced for different skill's level

Face Template
here below the are two pdf file for Basic and Advanced dice. Feel free to use them or create your own template. The square's dimension is 8x8 cm. You have to print the file, cut the squares and glue them on the cube

Basic Template
Advanced Template

Cube Template

To build the dice you need

  • card stock
  • scissor
  • pencil
  • rulers

On the web you can find a lot of cube template for creating your dice with paper. Anyway I share below my template.

Cube Template

Pay attention: it is not in scale because, in my case, each face's size is 8x8 cm. You can draw the cube layout by hand, using the side size you wish: 8 cm in my case.

I invite you all to test these dice, and to experiment different ways to use them
Let us know your experiences in using Dice4Scratch.


This is really awesome!!

So, with your permission I have created some support resources for your project. I know that Peers week is not our current focus for this Cohort, but I can't pass this up.

I am currently tinkering around with 3D printers and laser cutters still. So I mocked us up some rough models of your box designs!

They aren't perfect, maybe we can iron out a better interpretation. I ran into some pesky problems when I tried to grayscale>>>trace to bitmap in Inkscape, some details are a bit off.

The laser cut version includes tabs that are cut out so that dice can be assembled out of wood. The 3D printer versions are just flat and are designed to save on 3D printing materials because all you have to do is paste them together with a hot glue gun or to a cardboard box of some kind.