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Edit notes, history, and edit history bugs


I really like that there are edit histories here.

I also like that edit notes are prominent when they are used and someone is looking at edit histories, and the options for viewing edits makes a lot of sense.

I'm going to start using edit notes more now that I see how it works.

Any thoughts on how editing a previous post works here and edit notes or edit histories?

I tried changing one line at the end of this post to show what an edited post looks like but it wouldn't let me. Earlier, I noticed that the system supported even very minor edits, but now I get a message that says the edited post was too similar to the body of the post being edited.

Also, I experienced inconsistency in edit history experience but it now seems fixed (detailed below).

I might have broken the edit history somehow or am not using it correctly. I have edited the above content roughly 5 or 6 times within 7 minutes and observed a number of different experiences:

I initially posted the above content minus the last paragraph. Then, I edited to include a simple line explaining there should now be an edit history with an edit note and I included an edit note about it. When I tried to post, it said it was too short an edit.

I posted with approximately what is now the last paragraph in the content above the horizontal rule, and included another edit note. I have since been able to make very minor edits including edits that involve only one character change, but now the edit history is cycling through and dumping old edits upon each new edit.

This could be awesome if intentional and it is somehow based on time or it recognizes how substantive a change is or some other factor and it is automatically removing it, but it may be an error.

Screenshot of this post's edit history before I edited this picture in: