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Explore Creative Learning


Let's Begin!

Welcome to Learning Creative Learning! In this first module, we'll introduce LCL and provide an overview of how the community functions. Below, you'll find:

  1. Tips to get started with LCL
  2. Three introduction videos
  3. Childhood object activity prompt

1. Tips to get started with LCL

Navigating LCL - You're reading this post in the LCL community forum (powered by an open source tool called Discourse). If this is your first time here, you'll need to create an account to post, but it's easy and super fast (look to the top right of this page to login). You can access each of the six learning modules from the LCL course homepage, or from within Discourse on the community homepage. All the resources and materials you need to power your LCL experience are available in the community.
Discourse is comprised of categories, topics and posts. From the community homepage, you can see each of the categories, which include the six learning modules as well as others such as Introduce Yourself. By clicking on a category, you then see each of the topics within that category. Right now, you are looking at the first post in the Explore Creative Learning topic within the Introduction category. Make sense? Each of the topics has an exploration post like this one that will always appear at the top of the topic to help you navigate your way through the community.

Where in the world area you? - Add your pin to the Creative Learners map. Look around to see where everyone else is from. It's pretty cool.
Make new friends - Meet some fellow learners and introduce yourself.
Meet likeminded learners - Start an LCL group in your neighborhood or talk with LCLers about common interests.

2. Introduction Videos

You can find the videos below, or download them here.

Video 1: Welcome to the Media Lab
A quick walk through tour of the Media Lab and an introduction to Creative Learning, with Mitch Resnick, Natalie Rusk and Philipp Schmidt.

Video 2: Creative Learning Overview
Brief overview of creative learning, including the 4 Ps (projects, peers, passion and play) and the creative learning spiral.

Video 3: Plans for LCL
A brief overview of how LCL works, the tools we use, the weekly activities and how we hope to engage with the learning community.

3. Activity - Childhood objects

Everything you need to complete this week's activity is available in the activity topic. So go ahead and post your reply. You can always scroll up to look at replies from past cohorts to inspire your creative learning. Also, feel free to post other reflections as new topics within the Introduction Category, or reply to existing topics such as when to step away from technology and childhood innovations. Go forth and prosper!