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Apppply the 4 Ps

In these final videos and resources, we will explore ways to apply the 4Ps of creative learning -- passion, projects, peers, and play. You'll get to see examples from a few LCL participants who have been tinkering with these ideas in education and other fields and then brainstorm your own next steps. Below, you'll find:

  1. 5 Videos
  2. 4 P's Activity Prompt

1. Videos

Here are the Youtube versions of the videos for this week on applying the 4Ps. You can download them here.

Video 1 Introduction
Mitch, Natalie and Philipp introduce this week's seminar on applying the 4Ps in Practice.

Video 2 Tinkering with Adriano Parracciani
Adriano Paarracciani shares some of his experiences applying ideas from LCL to offer tinkering events and workshops.

Video 3 Scratch Adventure with Kim Zimmer
Kim Zimmer explains how she has been working with 4th graders this semester with Scratch, allowing them to imagine and create their own sprite adventures.

Video 4 Applying Creative Learning in New Areas
Shari Cohen and Cynthia de Windt share how they applied ideas from LCL1 in new ways (and without using any digital technologies). They show how they transformed their human rights workshops into creative and participatory learning experiences.

Video 5 Questions for Next Steps
Cynthia suggests questions to consider for next steps in applying creative learning approaches.

In addition to the videos, we encourage you to check out our new theme song!

2. Activity - Applying the 4Ps

What's a next step that you can take to apply a creative learning approach in your work or context? How can you tinker with projects, peers, passion, and/or play going forward?

Document your reflections or plans by making a new topic here in Ongoing Projects. There are plenty of other projects from other LCLers to inspire you, some of which are included in the Project Gallery!

We hope that the 4 P's will continue to be a tool you apply to your work and congratulate you on making it through the LCL modules. Stay in touch, come back often, keep us updated on your work, and welcome to LCL!