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Time to Tinker!

Learning involves playful experimentation-trying new things, tinkering with materials, testing boundaries, taking risks, and iterating again and again. Let's get started exploring the role of play in creative learning. Below, you'll find:

  1. 4 Videos
  2. 2 Readings and the MaKey Makey video gallery
  3. Tinkering activity prompt

1. Videos - Press Play

The Play videos feature special guests Erik Hansen from LEGO and Eric Rosenbaum who co-designed MaKey-MaKey. We will talk about what we mean by playful learning, why tinkering isn't always easy, and how we can all get better at it. Videos available, as always, below or via download.

Video 1 Play Intro
Mitch, Philipp, and Natalie introduce today's session on play.

Video 2 Play Discussion
Mitch, Philipp, and Natalie talk about the 4th P: play, and the process of learning through tinkering.

Video 3 Tinkering with MaKey MaKey & Music
Eric Rosenbaum introduces MaKey MaKey and shares how he inspires others to tinker.

Video 4 LEGO Play in the Digital Age
Mitch visits LEGO and discusses LEGO in the digital age with Erik Hansen.

2. Readings

How can playful tinkering support creative learning? Check out this week's readings, Designing for tinkerability from Mitch and Eric Rosenbaum; Tinkering tenets and tools from Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich at the Exploratorium; and the MaKey MaKey video gallery from Eric and Jay Silver.

3. Activity - Take Time to Tinker (and Share Your Experience)

Everything you need, as well as past tinkering projects, are available here.