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Fables on the computer


the project Fables on the computer (but I'd like to change the name in 1and7) is regarding Digital Storytelling using

  • Scratch environment
  • Authors of literature for children, in particular the great Italian Gianni Rodari
  • Different materials and techniques for its accomplishment,
    developing sprites and stages in "real world" and re-elaborate with Scratch tools.

Also our aim is in creating meaningful and valuable international relationships between the partaking countries, by involving children, teachers and other individuals who share the same passions : reading, digital storytelling, coding, visual arts (drawing, painting,modelling, photography..) .

the news are:
1) @heloisazal and @sashastef are now part of the project collaborating in finding authors for children in their countries. (Brazil and Guatemala)

2) @sashastef is preparing charachters (one of her student has prepared a super plastiline model) for the stories that later they will be used in Italy (or other countries) by the students of my workshop. (peer)

3)Digital storytelling (my passion) is becoming a great part of my workshops, first of all on our public library where I am collaborating in creating a makerspace

4)I would like to bring this project at MakerFaire in Rome in October.
Who wants help me? @CyberParra @raffaella @tarmelop @melissa

In particular the "caramella istruttiva" talking about a planet without books and schools; it is enough to drink liquid in bottles or to eat candies to learn counting or science!
The final is in honor of Samatha Cristoforetti, the first italian woman in space, leaving in November for the ISS mission FUTURA (sshhhh don't tell her!) and hosted at the MakerFaire.

italian :

Who's Gianni Rodari?

Gianni Rodari is one of the most popular, original and eloquent writers of children’s literature in the world; some of his writings have been translated in more than 40 languages. In 1970 he was awarded the prestigious Andersen Prize, an international recognition renowned also as “Petite Nobel Prize” of narrative for children.
Rodari’s works are genuine and up-to-date, and in terms of creativity and innovation they lend themselves to the creation of digital stories; therefore, starting from the text “Favole al telefono” (Fables on the telephone), and according to the ideas contained in “Grammatica della fantasia” (The grammar of fantasy), it will be possible to know the author in an original and engaging way, thus promoting the knowledge and reading of his works.

Maria Beatrice Rapaccini

I am a math teacher at the secondary school. I love tinkering and cretive computing.
As a volunteer I am doing creative computing workshops for primary and middle school students


We already are working on this with Cristian, my 11 years old student, he made play dough dolls for the "Caramella istruttiva". I am attaching you some pictures I take from the characters he modeled.

As you can see, he has a talent and the characters he made are really great. The pictures are not so good maybe because light or the camera quality. I wish we can make digirtalization of characters better.



GREAT work!!!!!
I pass it to my daughter to create a story with Scratch


The characteres are really great! Congrats also to Cristian ! One idea to get better pictures should be to put light in front of them or lay down the dolls if the light beam comes from the ceiling. So the pictures would not be on shadow. wink