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From Randy: Logistics


3 ... 2 ... 1 ... And We're Off!

There are 1,000 of you, and together you make up the first LCL cohort. What enormous potential! My name is Randy, and I'll be sending you weekly emails that help you navigate the content as you begin learning together.

Here's how to start:

Join the Discussion - Create an account (it's easy and super fast). This is the heart of our community.
Introduce Yourself - Make yourself known in the community, and add a profile picture while you're at it.
Meet Your Peers - Start an LCL group or discussion about the things you're passionate about. There's a Google Hangout available 24/7 for you to meet in.
Pin Yourself on the Map - It's pretty cool. (Pro tip: put a link to your community profile on your map pin so others can get in touch).

Allow me to Introduce Myself

My name is Randy, and I'm the new sheriff in town. In the past, a robot sent out these emails. He was called Oliver. But now I'm in charge around here. Friends call me LCLC (Learning Creative Learning Chameleon). Say hello!

I'll be in touch next Wednesday (12 Nov) with the first community activity, an Introduction to Creative Learning.


If you haven't already, follow me on twitter @medialablearn