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From Randy: Projects


Let's make something!

I've loved reading about how punchcards, dinosaurs and even popcorn machines influenced your childhood. For those of you who haven't posted your childhood object or checked out the forum, it's never too late!

This week, let's dive into the first of the four P's of creative learning: Projects!

Explore - Projects
Check out the videos and the readings: "New Pathways into Robotics" and "Reviving Papert's Dream".

Activity - Create a Scratch project that introduces yourself
Building on the theme of Projects, try creating a project using Scratch.

  • Click on the the link above to see the assignment. If you scroll up
    in the discussion thread, you can also see the activities from prior
  • Share your project and your experience creating it in the
    discussion topic for this week's activity.
  • Questions about Scratch? Bugs? Ask the community for help!
  • Everybody loves feedback! In addition to posting your own work, try to comment on the work of
    some of your peers.

See you on the forum very soon!



Hello! It´s me Geraldine Randy´s owner, I'm so sad to tell you that she passed away 6 months ago. because of skin cancer
Thanks for the projects.
Sincerely Geraldine


@Geral Oh no! frowning I'm so sorry to hear that. She will live on through many posts and images here.


Thanks so much Spamigail


So sorry to hear this news...what a great chameleon Randy was. We're honored to have had the time with her that we did.


I'm very sorry to hear about this


Thanks so much .I´m so pleased for your condolences.We´ll miss her.


Thanks so much