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How can we improve the LCL cohort experience together?


Let's share our thoughts and ideas on how the LCL cohort experience can be improved in future iterations. Two thoughts that come to mind for me are 1) more Unhangouts and 2) activities that are more closely aligned with the projects that participants are engaged with in the daily lives.


I am excited to see feedback here. I think there are likely some interesting creative solutions lurking about.


So, I totally drop in-and-out of these conversations and I might not be the best reference, but…

How much emphasis is put on people meeting in-person? Some of the best groups I'm associated with online make time to share a cup of tea, or hang out and do activities in-person. I also work on distributed teams which proves out how important seeing and being near to one another is to community. We often make up months-worth of effort and understanding that would be spent over the phone in just a day or two of meeting in-person. Video smiles are cool too, but in-person you get the whole vibe of someone without compression issues. wink