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How do I connect to the live LCL session?


The server had too many connections for the server to handle today on Day 1, so you can watch the videos below, and join the backchannel via Twitter #LCLTalk ...

The live LCL sessions will be hosted here:

To make sure you're ready:

1) Click the LCL unhangout link now.

2) Click Login (top-right corner) if you're not already on. It will prompt you for a Google account.

3) It also may ask you to install the Google Hangout plug-in (if you don't have it already).

We are experimenting with this new "unhangout" platform so we can gather in smaller discussion groups during the live sessions. Please let us know if you have any issues!


I was repeatedly kicked out of the session and an overflow session now shows, but it is not live. . . will it be live? Should I wait? Any status update would be helpful.
Thanks a lot


Hi..where are the video links..i don't see them on the homepage nor the discuss page..thanks


Here's video 1:


Here's video 2:

Here's video 3:

Here's video 4:


Thanks..what is the backchannel talk on twitter?


The twitter hashtag is #LCLTalk