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In 2016 there will be a new meeting of creative lifelong lea


Hello comrades creative learners! I've been missing, but with nostalgia, this community full of interesting people.
I had to dedicate myself to a new stage in my professional life,
trying to be a creative educator in a very traditional school system.
Today, with this already established career, with my colleagues and
school administration saw the use of Scratch 2.0 with far less
suspicious eyes, I want to be more present with the LCL community.
However, it seemed that people often no longer attend the community, at least not as I was.
Could you tell me if our people are communing in other web sites, if
the community simply dissipated, if it happens only to the convening of a
new cohort, or if it is possible and desirable to resume our learning
Since I'm already grateful for their attention to this message and the experiences we had together. I close my little letter, sure of his understanding, waiting for a response. Stay everyone always great! See you later!


Hey there! I've been missing this community as well. And here at the Media Lab we have started discussing when we will be offering another run of Learning Creative Learning! Hopefully there will be something on the horizon for early 2017. Until then, this community is still a great place to speak with others, though we have had a little bit of a lull in participation. Hope people will jump back in, and if we can do anything on our end, let me know!


Hello Katherine! Very nice to receive your answer to the question I posted a few weeks ago in the community, as it was so good to participate in activities of Learning Creative Learning when was in full swing.

You ended your message asking if there was something you could do to us for the common
purpose in LCL community. Here where I work people, educators and students are very timidly getting interested in the Scratch, although we have made our first Scratch Day and ideas become leavening. If we receive an incentive message LCL team, it would sound as well here.
It could be your answer to this posting in a simple sentence.
I am grateful for your attention!


Hi again @sorjacson! We're thrilled to hear that you all hosted your own Scratch Day this year :smile:

We hope it went well, and that you continue to tinker with its format for next year!


Our little community is hear :wink: