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Greetings Earthlings!

My name is Griffin, which is my mother's maiden name and the name of a half-lion half-eagle mythical creature which was first introduced by the Egyptians around 3300BC. I'm currently a student in the International Education Policy program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and working at the Media Lab.

I have a background in investment banking and playing drums. I worked for UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan, am good friends with a black bear, and once drove a school bus from London to Ulan Bator. I'm planning on making a film this summer about Scottish Independence.

I consider it an honor to work with a team who is equally committed to pushing the limits of achieving meaningful collaboration online and I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes all of us. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Hi, my name is actually Andrea and not ammopig. I got that playing Ghost Recon on Xbox with a friend and ended up stealing al the ammunition before he could get it. When he finally figured out where it had all gone he turned to me and shouted ' you're such an ammopig!' and the name stuck smile

I currently work for a small startup website for children and moved back to Toroto 3 years ago after having worked in Hong Kong as a voice actor. I love all this online learning and have done courses through Coursera. Looking forward to meeting you all!


My name is Philipp. I am interested in how people make deep connections with each through learning - mostly online. I design and create online learning tools and communities. I am also interested in how people make deep connections through food (but that's for another time). In 2009 I founded Peer 2 Peer University with 4 friends, when we realized that it was possible to learn anything online, if you had a few friends to learn with (and really hard without the friends).

I've lived on three continents and travelled on 5. I moved to Boston from Cape Town and am now happily based at the MIT Media Lab, but my dad's family is from southern Hungary and you never know when my Gypsie roots will call again.

I have a weakness for old cars and believe the perfect number of old cars to own is N+1, where N is the number of old cars you currently own. I currently own a 1967 Mercedes that is standing in a garage in Germany and which I haven't driven for 15 years.

LCL2 will be fun!


My name is Aya Jennifer Sakaguchi - or AJ for short. I am currently a Master's student studying Technology, Innovation, and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. I am particularly interested in the relationship between online/offline learning environments. I am also a Resident at the Harvard Innovation Lab, where I am developing a mobile learning application to bring student curiosities into the classroom. My background is in media and education, and I've worked at YouTube as well as a start-up film festival in Palo Alto, California.

I am living in Massachusetts now, but I have also lived in Maine, France, and California. I speak English, Japanese, and French. My favorite song right now is "I've Got a Feeling" by the Beatles. My goal this year is to be a better surfer and snow-shoer!


Hi all, my name is Adriano and I live in Roma, Italy. I'm currently working at educational projects about Creative Computing and Educational Robotics, to be proposed mainly for afterschool activities.
After a twenty-year career as telecommunication engineer in multinational companies (Cap Gemini Group and Ericsson), I said to myself: it's time to change. Around a table with a few friends, one day we asked ourselves: - What about to set up an eLearning company? Yes , let's do it . It was a great experience, and when you work for your own company, your work is handyman. But after three years it was time to change again: technological consultancy and web. In the meantime, I decided to not to leave anymore ideas to rot in the drawer. So, for instance, I have created and self published, GeoFilm Roma, a book about movies filmed in Rome, that uses QR codes to provide multimedia content via smartphones. But it was time to change again. I have been fascinated by Educational Robotics and after attending the first edition of LCL I have discovered the power of Creative Computing, Scratch and Tinkering in education. So, I have decided to start a new life as educator for facilitating STEAM competences in young people and not only
I am passionate about history,numismatics, astronomy...
I'm a maker and I like... try to guess > 3 things I like



I´m Anders, 61(If it really matter...) from Sweden. I live in a small rural area "village" called Smedjebacken (BlackSmithHill?). Working as an ICT-somethingwithpedagogicalstuff/educator/advisor/. I tried the last LCL course, but with some kind of distance, not always doing my homework (our minister of education is probably spinning around, he´s so on to orderliness), but enjoying the talking heads (Hangout-sessions) and G+ discussions. I even met some of the participants at the Scratchconference in Barcelona.

I love the creative, tinkering and making approach to learning. Spreading the words of Scratch to schools and all over the place. Trying to make it to the Scratchconference 2014 (hopefully be my third visit).

Scratch On,

Twitter: @skola2015


Hello, My name is Hans Graf B. Im here to reinvent my self. I have taken a few online courses in the past and always have been related to e-learning. I am currently working as a freelance journalist and I run a Soccer Magazine named (also available in IPAD). I live in Caracas, Venezuela. Im 44. I have one son y one stepdaughter. I am a Homebrewer and Wanabee chef. One dog, one cat and two turtles. @hansgrafbogran


Wow, lots of pressure to be creative here smile

I'm Andy Davidson, currently on the faculty at the University of Washington in the department of Human-Centered Design & Engineering. I know, it's a mouthful, but I didn't coin it. We focus on user-centered design processes to solve problems using new technologies and systems.

I'm interested in physical computing, specialize in prototyping systems using Arduino, and teach a variety of courses in our BS and MS programs. I also taught high school computer science for a few years and had tremendous success using Scratch and Processing and Arduino to get kids interested in computing and STE(A)M fields.

Now I use it to try to inspire kids of all ages!

Before joining the UW a few years ago, I had taught at Art Center College of Design and also at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. I'm looking forward to learning and inspiration from this group in the coming weeks.



Hi my name is Malcolm, I am a "graduate" of the first LCL course. Like all great learning it changed and transformed me and I feel it will do the same for all of you.

I have been asked to be a part of the second "journey" by the LCL team, to help in online discussions and give support in whatever way I can. I am very happy to do this and know that I will learn so much more from you all in the weeks ahead.

As a brief introduction to myself, I am a retired teacher, headteacher and Primary Mathematics Consultant living in the U.K. I regularly blog about "lifelong learning" and have a real interest in the the importance of recent developments in neuroscience and technology to transform education from where it currently lies in the past to where it us capable of getting to.

I look forward to our online discussions and wish you well in your future growth.


Hi everyone! I am Ana, originally from Brazil, nowadays living between Barcelona and Lisbon. Architect and urban planner, studying a PhD at UPC Barcelona focus in urban regeneration projects in low income neighborhoods with community empowerment.
Currently I’m working for a City Council and being a mummy of 2 months old baby boy.
I was in the LCL1 and enjoyed so much that I did not think twice when Natalie wrote me to being part of the LCL2. Thanks Natalie; it is a pleasure be part of the LCL team!!! I’m available for whatever you need.
See you soon!



I'm the head of tech at Palisades Charter High School, and independent charter of nearly 3000 students from around LA County. In January we opened our makerspace, the Pali STEAM Shop (, in an ex-industrial arts classroom with high ceilings, good ventilation, great view of the Santa Monica Mountains.

We have two student groups using the Pali STEAM Shop this term: our MESA elective ( and our VEX robotics club. The space is lightly furnished as we are still fundraising and we are considering a “make the makerspace” summer class for students who want to help design & build out the room. Next year we are planning to offer five courses in the STEAM Shop: intro electronics (Arduino, Pi, wearable tech, interactive art), Robotics 1 (DIY thru Mindstorms), Robotics 2 (3D design and humanitarian engineering), Intro to Computer Science, and additional sections of MESA.

I graduated from the HGSE TIE program in 2003 and have been pulling Media Lab tools into classes ever since. I enjoyed LCLv1 as it prompted me to reconnect to some of my favorite foundational texts and I’m excited to be part of LCLv2.



Hello! I'm Eric - I am a teacher and an organizational development consultant. I took the first part of this course and had a very positive experience. I also work with an international not for profit that teaches the creative process and teamwork to kids in a challenge based learning approach.

I try to live my life in as creative a way as I am able. I cook, play trumpet, and write.

I look forward to this new experience with you all!


I am Senada, currently living and working as a psychologist and clicnic mgmt assistant in Munich, Germany.
I was part of the first LCL group, but had unfortunately little time back then to actively participate - hope, though, to be able to contribute and take part regularly this time (am normally still working when the online meeting takes place...).
Currently I am interested in learning more about creative learning, so that I can use the knowledge for further developing and creating new learning tools/platforms for online courses and trainings in the health sector.
Serious games are too getting more and more interesting for me, as they wonderfully allow to merge fun, education, training, self-development and personal growth.
So! Am looking forward to this adventure and yes! - would love to become friends (at FB e.g.) and to exchange ideas, impulses and inspiration!
Wishing you and me a lovely day -


I'm Andy from Brighton. I teach economics in an international high school, Bellerbys College. I also volunteer at a local primary school to run a Code Club ( see Code Club is an initiative to introduce young children (about 9-11) to computational thinking and programming through projects. The first couple of terms are based on Scratch.
I completed LCL1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm now looking forward to the new all singing and dancing LCL2!


Hi @Pagliuso , nice to see you again smile


Hi @skola2015 nice to see you again in LCL2


Thanks @CyberPara nice to see too and be part of the team!


Hi Ana
Nice to see you around again. Congratulations to your little boy. sunny And you really were our mum in Barcelona, it was a really, really nice conference with really nice people... smile


Thanks @CyberParra I hope it will be interesting. Miss the G+ groups, but it will be nice trying something new. smile


Hi Anders! !! Thanks! Was great to have you all in BCN. Lets try to make Boston this year! So nice to hear from you! smile


Hello, my name is James. I loved the last LCL, and am excited about LCL2. I have yet to explore Lego WeDo or Pico, but I am still enjoying Scratch, MaKey MaKey, and TurtleArt. The biggest and most valuable takeaway for me from LCL was how it changed and enhanced my perception of creative learning.

I am an artist and a tinkerer. I enjoy creating, sharing, and perusing digital art, paintings, photography, fractal images, a wide range of other visual arts, music of varying genre, haiku, other poetry forms, fiction, nonfiction, humor, amateur video games, collages, and basically anything arts and crafts. I am also learning about Arduino, RaspPi, 3D printing, laser cutting, metalworking, woodworking, and whatever else I can dive into. I am multimodal and enjoy learning from collaborative workshops at my local Makerspace, books, YouTube/Vimeo tutorials, digital DIY guide, MOOCs, or whatever else I get my hands on. This leads me to awesome adventures such as LCL.

I'm also here as a parent of learners and because I would like to help develop future educational technologies with creative learning in mind.

I'm excited about LCL2! Nice to meet you all (and nice to see some of you again!)


I was just thinking about you, Learning Creating Learning and wondering how you've been doing. Since we last met I engaged in body aching exploration of low tech making, especially with wool felting. I can kick out a pretty sweet beret in a couple of hours now. Also exploring non violent communication, the work of Marshall Rosenberg. Looking forward to the course, although I really would prefer a physical community with shared meals to a virtual community.


Hello from sunny California, US. I was part of the original LCL mooc and I'm glad to rejoin the community on a new forum. I hope that this time I can gather a learning community here at Woodbury University to follow along with me. Much more fun to do this as a group. I'll send out an email to my colleagues here and see who joins up.



Hi Fellows... Got this interest learning activities glad to rejoin with this community. Learn and Sharing ideas is one of exciting moment.


Heh everyone,

I'm Yeeloong, currently a second degree student doing interaction design in British Columbia, Vancouver! Was previously doing engineering back in Singapore in Nanyang Technological university. What a change of fields XD...

I like to interests myself with domain areas related to augmented reality, user experience design, interface design and interaction design. I'm currently in my final stretch of school and is working at a start up in Vancouver as their primary designer providing tech solutions. =) Looking forward to actually participating in the coming weeks. So much inertia to do undertake additional creative work outside my school and work. =)


kumusta! (hello how are you!?)

Kaloe (pronounce as "ka-loy") here from City of Dasmariñas, Philippines, i was a part of LCL 1, but, sadly, i was not able to finished it due to job/work conflict. Well, for LCL2 i'm looking forward to finish this, with you guys, be my guide, my mentor or teacher, i'll gladly accept your inputs.. basically, I'm here to learn the creative learning. smiley

back here, i'm a full time employee of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, working as a Technical Services Unit Head for ICT department for 9 years.. and a part time faculty for College of Nursing, teaching Information Technology & Nursing Informatics.

I believe, i can apply creative learning here in my work & and in our college.



Did someone say something about an Oculus Rift game just for LCL? Yes, please!

I'm really excited about how augmented reality can enhance learning. I know Oculus Rift is more virtual reality than augmented reality usually, but Oculus Rift and similar is pretty interesting tech. We had guests demo their kits at my hackerspace recently.

It looks like you are hard at work. Best wishes! Good to see you here



Wow! Congrats to Pali STEAM Shop!! Hail from Knox Makers on the other coast! Best of luck to you all, the "make the makerspace" program sounds entirely awesome. May they go forth and sprout a multitude of other 'spaces on their own afterwards! laughing

Good to see you here



Yeah that will be awesome, I'm more interested in google glass though. Not just for enhance learning, but I like the idea of making technology work for us without swarming us with needless technology in all facets of our life. Better decision making? Info visualization? etc.


Hello, all my professional life I've been working in educational stuff, but I'm not a teacher, I'm a consultant for teaching materials for use in education.

Most of time I have seen nice and well designed products and I have seen too well designed teaching methodologies that take advantage of they. Behind of both (materials and methodologies) I have seen always good teachers, people who likes their work. But sometimes I have found bad materials, bad methodologies, frustrated teachers and unhappy students.

This background had encourage me to know something more about teaching and learning process, to talk a lot with teachers and to try to live closely their experiencies.

Nowadays I work with educational robotics and I try to help teachers to introduce this concept in the curricula as a motivational tool to learn other topics and to estimulate multiple intelligences.


My name is Karen Budde (Boo-dah). I teach Latin online through the VTVLC. I was lucky enough to stumble upon LCL1 last year. So excited to be part of this year's group.



Welcome back, it seems luck has returned for us! I managed to stumble into the LCL experience last year, too. Luckily, it looks like it wasn't the last LCL. smile

And wow, look at the changes already, huh? I'm super stoked

VTVLC looks like a fairly large cooperative. What do you think of the online learning environment they use? Any favorite features educators have access to?


The LMS is Moodle so teachers can build in chat times and discussion forums. I actually teach two sections of Middlebury Latin. VTVLC is really excellent for supporting students in mastery learning if they fall off the pacing chart.


Hi! Rachel here from Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont. I'm a science educator at the Museum and involved during the past year with creating a brand new Tinkering Lab as part of our exhibit hall programming. I was part of last years' LCL MOOC and had a great time learning and trying new things. Hoping this time to rope in some folks from work so we can have face-to-face discussions along with the online ones.


Hello Group,
My name is Doug Schmidt and I am an enrichment teacher in upstate New york I participated in the course last year but more as an observer, reaping ideas from the conversations. I am very interested in the tinkering aspect of learning in education and try to incorporate that more into my own classes. I am a jack of all trades and master of some. I have a small 8 acre farm where I raise lavender and honeybees. I love working with wood, am a closet banjo picker and try to live a life of creative endeavors and try to impart the same in my students.


Hi there, my name is Leo and I'm from Brazil. I work as a creative director on a promotional agency. I lost the other course and I'm very excited.

Best regards


Greetings! My name is Cindy and I am a second grade teacher. I live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. I am a soccer mom and have recently taken up boxing. My class last year used Scratch with me and this year my whole school participated with the Hour of Code. I am excited to see people mention augmented reality...this year my students love Aurasma! I am looking forward to learn more about AR and coding...and things I just don't know I want to know more about!


Hi! It's great to be here again!
I am the sorJacson, a rookie teacher, who is a lifelong learner.
I was born with yellow hair and green eye in the city of Novo Hamburgo, when a Brazilian subtropical spring began.

I still play guitar singing on a particular morning or afternoon. Still walk around while thinking beyond. I still hear the ancestor saying simple but impressive things.

I am the Jacson, an experienced young man, who works as a history teacher at an educational institution that has an important story in the local context, and great potential to develop. The network of public school that contains the school is in deep transformations.
When I see orange trees in bloom, I know there will be oranges!


Hi all - my day job is the Knowledge Ninja...wait just the Knowledge Manager of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network but I've been on a long learning journey to this point - former Clubhouse Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA working in community media & tech centers, urban planning and civic media at MIT, then BTOP/digital literacy work out of Washington DC. I'm back in my home turf of Boston, and working on the Networks' social networking website, the, for youth to post digital media and tech projects and collaborate with other staff and mentors around the world. AND lately I'm an advocate for Clubhouses to integrate more "making" activities in their Clubhouses...or just showing that they've been doing it all along but just calling it arts/crafts/engineering/DIY/design/fun. I ghosted around last year's LCL both online and in-person since then at the monthly Boston area meetups when I can.

In my free time, I like to bake when my oven's not broken and volunteer with local community arts and planning events. Right now, I can't stop listening to the LEGO Movie song...Everything really is AWESOME.


Hi all!

I'm a Computer Scientist from Catalonia. I work for the University of Girona, at the Science and Technology Park of the UdG, where I'm the project manager of UdiGitalEdu (

For a few years my research focused on Artificial Intelligence but since 2005, after working as a volunteer in a rural school for poor children in South India, I have focused on studying the relationship between Education, Technology and Development. In my current research I'm trying to find whether the development of Computational Thinking can relate to the development of Creative and Critical Thinking.

I'm also the founder of Inventors4Change:


Hi i'm Ricardo Otake, born and raised in Brazil. But I live in Hawaii now, working at the University of the Nations, to train missionaries all over the world. I'm very interested in learning more about Learning Technologies, flipping the classroom and using technology to bring education to people in remote places.
I love to travel, and learn about different cultures and worldviews.
My background is in Electrical Engineering. I had experience with LabVIEW computer programming, in the are of biomedical Engineering. I helped develop an Electric Impedance Tomograph at the University of Sao Paulo.

I joined the program last year but i wasn't able to keep up with the program as other projects came and too my time away.
I[m looking forward to know more people with similar interests in using technology in the area of education and Learning !
Aloha !


I am Peter, a return LCL'er. Last year I did many of the projects (see, e.g., my scratch animation, which conveys the challenges of learning and teaching when we have to take initiative in and through relationships, ), but the center of my tinkering was around running communities that support deep learning in connectivist MOOCs. Learning from failed prototypes based on google+ hangouts ( ), a group of us initiated "Collaborative explorations," which have continued online almost each month since ( ).
This direction of development takes note of how the computer clubs (highlighted in LCL) create supportive, face-to-face relations that support tinkering within some structure. (The structure for computer clubs is given by the technological tools; the structure for collaborative explorations adapts a "five-phase format,", for thinking, talking, listening, and reflecting.)
The time spent in LCL and Collaborative Explorations has been very generative in my thinking and learning as well as in my teaching and advising as a professor, where I am challenged to provide "students with knowledge, tools, experience, and support so they can become constructive, reflective agents of change in education, work, social movements, science, and creative arts" (UMass Boston's graduate program in Critical & Creative Thinking, My explorations are chronicled in my Probe-Create Change-Reflect blog, I look forward to connecting with LCL veterans and newcomers to continue these explorations, especially through the events described on another post, at


Hi, my name is Helena and I'm a portuguese maths teacher. I did most of the activities in the first LCL and I learned a lot. It was a good surprise to know that a new LCL is going to start. I´m looking forward it to begin.


We want to go play at the museum soon. The grandsons simply loved their first time. A tinkering lab? Where on site?


Hi, Karen!
We did four days of prototyping/piloting (scribblebots, LED fashion, and two days of pinball machines) on the floor during winter break weeks. We'll be taking what we learned and creating a three-week Tinkering Lab program/exhibit (likely to be located upstairs near the moose) during the summer. Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our facebook page to be notified. I'd tell you more if we knew more at this point! It's still a work in progress.


The summer sounds perfect. Yes, please remember me when it's up and playing!


Hi, I'm Brendan. I lurked a bit in LCL1, and I've taken part in a few other edu-MOOCs, like Ed Startup 101 and Designing a New Learning Environment (DNLE.) I'm excited to see LCL run again, and I'm planning to more fully participate this time around. These forums look like a good start, and I really like the fact that they're open before a fixed start date.

Some of my background:

I really didn't like most of my formal education, and I particularly felt like most of middle school, and all of high school was a waste of time. I've met many others who feel the same way, especially through the support forums on (which also has a small G+ community.)

Many of the young people there are very interested in learning, but find school to be a barren, oppressive, and even hostile environment. In contrast, especially over the past couple years, I've met a lot of educators through various MOOCs, G+, and so on who are interested in transforming education to be learner-centric, interest-based, and overall completely different than so-called "factory model" schools that remain the unquestionable norm for many people.

Perhaps the best single video I've found that sums up the problems with factory-model schools is Ken Robinson's RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms talk. Despite having over 11 million views, millions of young people are stuck in learning environments that they find to be the antithesis of learning... without any real means or standing to initiate substantive conversations about doing things differently.

I think these edu-MOOCs have great promise in helping to facilitate discussions about transforming education to be interesting, relevant, and supportive... but huge gulfs still remain. I'm very interesting to see how LCL2 can help bridge some of those gulfs.


Hi! My name is Michelle, i'm from Québec City, in province of Quebec, Canada (I usually speak French smile ). I teach web development. My students are adults.

I was in the first LCL community (I loved Scratch and Turtle art! smile ) I'm glad to participate to LCL community again!


That is one of the key questions we hope to engage with during this round. Glad it is something you and others want to think about and work on.


My name is Geraldine I live in Mexico I finished my Master´s in Education .I love living in Guadalajara,Jalisco mariachi´s land .I´m so happy to share collaborative learning with new colleagues.I did my master´s online a fascinating and encouraging experience.I took two years .I´m also a volunteer online tutor.

I have a chameleon her name is Randy- she´s really happy in Guadalajara because of the nice weather.

I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
I really enjoy learning .


Hi! My name is Eve Portilho and I am a Digital Strategist/Copywriter from Brazil. I'm looking forward to participate in all the LCL2 activities since I couldn't take it last year!

I hope we somehow end up working together to learn and have fun!


Hi!Eve Portillo it´s so nice to hear about new people.It´s great that we could work together.I love teaching and learning.I´m happy about this course.


Hi!Malcolm it´s so great that you will help us with discussions.I´m very pleased to meet new people.So nice to hear from you.


Hi. I am Antonio Manzano, from El Salvador. San Salvador Area, am glad to be part of your community and course. I am working at Citala, a 7 to 12 School, recently founded to attend talented low resources boys.

I have perhaps fragmented and incomplete theory, I have read, in my head. I would like to build some simple and smart solution, where the boys could work in, maybe the makespace is what I am looking for. I have never seen a Clubhouse or almost any other mit models... I am happy to be here, I hope to start trying somethimg for the boys before the end of the course.


Wow! I'd love to see a photo of your chameleon. You are the first person I've met who has a pet chameleon.


Hello!Antonio.Taking this course helps you apply content about LCL .The creative field is important.

Teaching needs, new experiences and motivating teachers too.
Nice to hear from people like you.
Nos vemos !!


Hello, everyone!
My name is Cristiane, I´m brasilian and I´ve worked as educator for 9 nine years (Physicaltherapists undergraduate program). I´ve worked too with online education (2011/2012) and during this time, I´ve met a lot of different approaches and technologies that intend to educate, but I´ve never saw a course like this. I´ve loved to find this course!
Now I intend to start working with young children, that´s why I´m here! I want to mix the educational and tecnology backgrounds with this new concepts that I´ll start to learn here.
This is the second MOOC I´m participating on. The first one was Gamification on Coursera. It was really great, because I´ve learn a lot about motivation.
Great course for everyone! smile


Greetings. My name is Qazi Fazli Azeem, I am a Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan at MassArts Dynamic Media Institute, and a visiting graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab. I did last years LCL course, and it was the most fun I have had in years. I went overboard in my writing assignment, due to so many interesting prompts and examples, learning from my classmates and international forum posters. I am the south asian self advocate for the Autism spectrum, I presented at the UN in NY for last years Autism awareness day. My current thesis is about inclusive technologies to help learners with multiple and special learning styles. I believe in the potential of online and open educational materials. I saw LCL grow from being an online course in to a vibrant community, where people shared their creative creations from all over the world. I may not be able to attend all the sessions, but will try to attend most of them. Good luck to the new co-learners and students.


Hello everyone,
I am Maria, an ICT and CS teacher from Greece. I teach programming and digital literacy to children and teens and I love that. I am here because I think that it's nice to share experiences and ideas with people that share the same passion as you. I am delighted to see so many people with so many different backgrounds. It is the first time for me that I particiapate in an on-line course like that, and I am curious to know how it will turn out.

I like to mix art, creativity and innovative teaching methods with computers. I believe the result is awesome. I am here for the exchange of new ideas, for the dialogue and for the exploration.


hello! i'm kate. (my pronouns are they/them, so please use them if you talk about me!) i'm from about 1/2 an hour south of boston. i've recently applied to grad school/a postbac program to be a high school art teacher, and right now i work at a really fun administrative job in higher ed. so that's where i'm at right now.

i think one of the reasons i struggled with lcl the last go-around (and, let's face it, my entire educational career) was because i didn't really understand that i learned differently. lcl did get me thinking about that. although i don't have access to a definitive diagnosis, i am positive i have nonverbal learning disorder. it would be neat to hear from anyone else with nvld, especially people with learning disabilities who became teachers themselves.


Hi everyone. My name is Mia (@MiaZamoraPhD), and I recently attended the excellent #DML2014 (Digital Media & Learning Conference). I returned home with renewed enthusiasm for all things "Connected Learning". I am particularly interested in how open & connected learning paradigms can transform #HigherEd (i.e. the #FutureEd movement). I am currently Assoc. Prof. of English Studies at Kean University. I also coordinate our World Literature Program and I direct the Kean University Writing Project (#NWP). My latest research/teaching interest is in Electronic Literature (Electronic Literature or Digital Literature is a literary genre consisting of works of literature that originate within digital environments and require digital computation to be read).

I should also mention that I am a Mom of two young boys (6 & 8) who are enthusiastic readers (especially graphic novels), gamers (especially minecraft), and they are also new Scratchers. I learn so so much from them.


Hello everyone my name is Serafin Blis now work coordiando a project of educational robotics for National Secretary of Science and Technology of Panama, formerly working with the Intel Computer Clubhouse project in Panama, where have known how great having all this equipment Media lab work and especially the projects developed by the Longlife Kindergarden. Know them and know that every day there are more people interested in bringing these innovative initiatives at their schools, or institutions is pleasing to me, I hope to learn a lot from this course and make a network of contacts to share educational experiences. regards


Greetings! My name is Sandy. From what I have read so far in the introductions, I am excited to be here and looking forward to sharing, learning, getting to know and be inspired by this LCL2 community.
I am K-5 technology teacher and love my job. This is a my 4th career, my career background is fairly eclectic (from a Casino Craps Dealer, Insurance adjuster, Restauranteur to finally my dream job as a teacher) but I think this variety has helped me greatly. I am passionate about creative computing and learning anything new! My main goal is to infected my students with that same passion!


Greetings! My name is Srishti, which is a Sanskrit word that means Universe. I'm a first year graduate student in the Lifelong Kindergarten group here at the MIT Media Lab. Till last year, I was in India following the course videos remotely, and this time I am part of the LCL team. It feels really awesome!!! I am passionate about building technologies that facilitate peer-learning and collaboration in diverse groups. For Learning Creative Learning, I would be conducting a design research around engagement in online communities. I am an Open Source enthusiast and hang out in quite a few IRC channels (#gnome-women, #gnome-love #lugb) by the name "SrishAkaTux". My favorite Spirit Animal is Tux:


It is wonderful to see many familiar names/avatars/people again! As I gather from many posts, LCL #1 was transformative for many of us. I really look forward to being part of the community again. I missed you!

A year ago I was on Sagmeister, in Southern California; I am back home on Big Island serving as Computer Science/Multimedia Arts Teacher at Holualoa Elementary. We are LOVING some new adventures in TurtleArt this year. In fact, we will be looking for a class to share our learnings with in the near future...



Hi Donna,

During my cursory glance last weekend, your post caught my attention. This sounds like an amazing start:

Next year we are planning to offer five courses in the STEAM Shop: intro electronics (Arduino, Pi, wearable tech, interactive art), Robotics 1 (DIY thru Mindstorms), Robotics 2 (3D design and humanitarian engineering), Intro to Computer Science, and additional sections of MESA.

I hope to explore more around this curriculum concept.


Greeting from Denmark

My name is Asbjørn and is currently doing a Master study in ICT Based Learning Design at Aarhus University . As part of my master we are currently working with design technology and my group is diving into the area which we made a semi headline; Rediscovering the imagination in experimental technology.
Looking into what kids like to about technology in a STEM like foundation (we don't think STEM courses like in the US). I did course 1 last year and i'm hoping that we can network and learn from others doing this course that can inspire us into thinking in new ways in our design process



Happy to see you here Sandy
If you wish, add your pin to LCL2 Map (here)


Hi everyone
I am Kevin Hodgson, and I teach sixth grade out in Western Massachusetts, and I am part of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. I'm here in LCL to continue my own exploration of Connected Learning and composing with new media, building on some of the work we did this past summer with the Making Learning Connected MOOC project.
As a writer, I tinker and play with technology and writing quite a bit, and some of that tinkering makes its way into my classroom. Not all, but some. I am fascinated by the ways in which our views of writing is changing, and how we are in the midst of this change, trying to make sense of it even as the ground continues to shift.
I blog at Kevin's Meandering Mind and tweet as @dogtrax, and collaborate whenever the chance arises. I hope to play here, too. Of that, I have no doubt.


Thanks Adriano, it was your tweet early this week that brought me here! I pinned the map too!


It's simple, I like to keep my ear the ground but these days with so many rumblings and ruminations I want to get closer to the epicenter. People ask me when I'll finish my EdD in Instructional Tech, and the answer is...soon. I'm a former classroom teacher, EdCamp Organizer and currently Tech Coordinator of an Independent School in Atlanta. I look forward to letting the ideas soar in this group.


Hi. My name is Jetro and I live in Spain. I am a language teacher, teacher trainer and translator (English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French), but also very interested in music and in robotics - I try to blend the different subjects together whenever I get a chance.
I am also a writer, editor and translator for HispaBrick Magazine, a free LEGO fanzine published in English and Spanish
I enjoyed the first round of LCL very much and I'm looking forward to participating in this second edition as well. I hope to have a great time and implement some of the things I learn in the classroom as well as with my kids (3 and 7).


Great to see you here Kate - If you want to be involved in any of the get togethers we'll be having in Cambridge we'd love to meet you in person.


Hi Kevin - would be great to meet you in person if you find yourself in Eastern Mass!


I'm named after my paternal grandfather. Apparently my mother didn't like his name. So since shortly after birth I've been known as Urbie Delgado.

I have an MS Ed. and a BA in behavioral science. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool practitioner with certificates in quality management, multimedia production and electronics technology. I'm a US Navy veteran.

For the last 20 years I've worked in learning and development, the last dozen or so doing instructional design. I start a new job in Long Beach, CA next month. I'm married with children: three girls.

For professional development I like doing NovoEd and EdX MOOCs. I love going to EdCamps.

You can learn more about me by browsing


Hi Maria,
Your introduction caught my attention as your description of you teaching could have been mine as well. I too teach ICT & CS but in the US and in Elementary. Perhaps as the course proceeds we can exchange lesson ideas and teaching strategies. This is my third MOOC that I have taken this past year. I have gain more knowledge and inspiration from these courses then I have ever received from professional development provided by my school district.


Hi all,

I am a Specialised Learning Leader (a role based around curriculum development) at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. This brand new school - we have been open since February and been in our new building for only 2 weeks - has awesome open learning spaces and a HUGE maker space.

Originally from a Social Sciences background, in addition to 'normal teaching' I am taking guerrilla geography and robotics during our flexitime and a big project based on 'future learning technologies' where the students (and I) will be using Makey Makey, arduino, e-textiles etc.

I have a massive interest in creativity and curiosity in education, it was only natural that I would end up tinkering with technology!


What is a specialised learning leader and what do you do in that role? How do you get a position like that? I am just curious as a great deal of educational positions have different titles these days and I sometimes think I could do them if I knew what they did!


Hi Brenda,

Our school is aiming to break apart the subject silos and look to amplify the natural connections between these. So, we have no Department structures. The specialised learning leaders are a group of 4 of us that oversee the curriculum development for all learning areas in the school. This post from my blog describes the curriculum structure we developed:




Hi Steve
Thanks for your reply. I just read your post on Enabling Constraints and I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by subject silos. Do you mean subjects like Maths or English? In your post there was no mention of any of the 'traditional' subjects so how do you meet parent expectations for their students and then how do your students get into Uni? Are there curriculum laws that you must meet in NZ?


Hi Sandy, many things in common, then. I have been teaching at the elementary school , too, for the last 4 years. It's so nice to work with very young children! They have such a vivid imagination. Perhaps less skillful, but so creative! I enjoy so much to immense into their chaotic sentimental universe.

And I 've also changed many jobs till turning into a teacher, always around technology though. Once I used to be a database engineer, then I did some project management for a couple of years for educational technology projects, then I taught java at the university and finally I am here at the elementary school as an ICT and CS teacher and as a mom of two boys 8 and 11 years old.
Hope to have time to explore new teaching ideas together,


Hello everyone, my name is Emily (21) and I reside in Missouri with my wonderful husband, June will be our two year anniversary. I am fun and outgoing with inspiration to learn and improve myself. I was in LCL one and was too shy to participate. I am currently a personal aide for my sister in law, soon to be an office manger for a St. Louis company to help better their business and gain experience. I am excited to find that this course is offered again for free and expect to learn as much I am able. I have been enjoying reading all of your introductions and can't wait for this course!


Hi! I'm Stephanie based in Edmonton, AB. I wear a few professional hats but most often can found promoting our local arts & culture scene as a publicist. I teach in a local diploma program focused on Arts & Cultural Management and develop curriculum and content for online delivery.

Really looking forward to hearing great stories and learning moments from the community.



My name is Brenda and I live in Queensland, Australia. I found this on twitter and I thought it would be a great place for me to get some PD on great technology learning for my classroom.
I have been teaching 13 - 17 year olds for 18 years and it feels like education is headed for a revolution. I really don't think I am giving the students the skills they will need when they start looking for a career. I am hoping this will help.
When I'm not teaching I do adventurefits with friends, camping with my boys, photography and some scrapbooking. I loved travelling through the UK and Denmark last year.


I'm Natalie, and I work here at the MIT Media Lab. Before we launched Learning Creative Learning course last year, I was worried about how it would work. But, during the first week, as people began sharing stories about objects from childhood, I found myself becoming engaged in the online community and course.


Hi, I'm Mitch, one of the organizers of Learning Creative Learning. When we started LCL last year, we expected it to be a course, but it turned into a community. It was great to connect with "kindred spirits" from around the world. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from one another again this year.


Hi, my name is Alisha. I am a graduate student in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. I am originally from India and moved to Cambridge last summer. I have a background in design in education and I love making things. I am interested in exploring ways of nurturing children's creative confidence with new technologies and to encourage their involvement in creative acts within their communities.

I participated in the Learning Creative Learning course last year and I am one of the LCL2 team members. I am really excited to be part of this community! I am looking forward to hearing stories about your creative experiences.

My name written in Gujrati, English and Hindi alphabets and an illustration of the Sun which is my source of artistic inspiration.


my name is Melissa and I'm from Genoa (Italy). I'm an informatic engeneer and I worked as programmer and analyzer in some industrial company but now I'm unemployed. I have two little children (3 and 6 yaers old) and also thanks to them last year I discovered the educational robotics and the big potentiality that these tools and metodologies have in the educational process and I'm very fascinated about it.
At the moment I'm teaching, as an after school laboratory, Scratch and wedo to a class of 12-13 years old boys, and I'm also experimenting some activity about the water cycle and the Bee Bot in a kindergarten.
This is the first time for me to follow a real on line course and I'm very excited. I don't know exactly what to expect from this new experience but I have great expectation about it. Thank you for that chance...


I teach tenth grade English at an all-boys boarding school in Connecticut. We are a 1:1 iPad school, and I use Subtext and other apps in my course. This is my first year joining this Media Lab project. I'm attracted by the four Ps and hope to gain some practical ideas from this experience.


Hello. My name is Kim Lenz. I am a middle school teacher in Petaluma, California, USA. I am mother to a 7-year old Scratch-lover. Growing my teaching practice and motivated to engage learners with creative ways of learning and showing. Excited to be part of the community!


Hi! My name is Thomas from the Bavarian Alps, Germany. I am currently building #Fork. It's an online platform for Makers, Learners, Hackers. A place for sharing all the projects you care about. Really looking forward to the course and meeting (at least virtually) some of you guys.



Ciao Melissa Benvenuta a LCL2, ti invito ad unirti al MeetUp Italia in cui incominciare a contarci e conoscerci
A presto


Good Afternoon!
My name is Geraldine and I am currently enrolled and almost done in the online Stanford Technology Entrepreneurship course and working on a project through that for to revamp an educational/motivational product to connect mentors with youth and open up their eyes to a variety of professions and vocational passion through online live mentoring. This seems like a great class to follow up to that. I hope to learn from this class on learning styles, activities through technology and peers, and more. My background morphed from outreach to disadvantaged communities, legislative education, to marketing, branding through events, and now using all those to bring youth to experience the world. I look forward to help, support, and learn during this course!


Hello I am from Hong Kong and I love teaching and learning using technology! I am excited about the 21st Century classroom and looking forward to seeing the future unfold!


Hi! My name is Rabiah and I am a teacher at a public middle school in Washington, DC. I teach 8th grade science (4 sections), Innovation Block (1 section, only meets two days a week for an hour) and a coding/engineering elective (1 section, meets 5 days a week). I am really interested in learning more about this work and how to infuse it into all of my courses and get other teachers interested as well. I am also a blended learning enthusiast! smile


Hey! I am Estefaniafrom Mexico. I have a B.A in Business Creation and Development.
I am passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, art, education and social impact. I'm developing a project of education for kids and youth related to entrepreneurship and vocational orientation. I love traveling, exploring different cultures and knowing people from all over the world. Looking forward to enjoy and learn in this course!

Check out my profile and connect with me on Linkedin


Hi, my name is Angelo and I'm involved in education since I have 3 nice children and a wife who is an educator, so we speak about education and learning almost all day.
Morover I'm involved in the local CoderDojo in Milan where we use Scratch from MIT as a tool to spread computational thinking and to develop creativity among children.
I'm very excited to start LCL and I would like also to meet other people interested in education end learning.



Ciao @Angelo

Ti invito ad unirti al Meetup ITALIA inteso come luogo di aggregazione generale ed eventualmente di meetup localli italiani


Hello! I’m Cecilia I’m so glad to be back on this MOOC after last year fantastic experience. I enjoyed every thing of the LCL MOOC, the panellist, the readings, the projects and specially the online community. I’m looking forward to the LCL2. I work in London as technology enhanced learning advisor in the Modern Language Centre of King’s College London.
I love creating teaching materials and I’m currently working on some animations and grammar videos to teach Spanish.


Hi, I'm Ove Christensen.
I hold a post as educational researcher and developer. My special topic of interest is teaching design and digital media.
I'm mostly on twitter @oveucsj and will love to engage with you there - as well as here.


Hello creative learners!

My name is Carmelo, I'm a software developer from Italy who loves to learn, share and play with kids.

That's why I'm involved in the CoderDojo community. We started one year ago with CoderDojo Bologna and since then we are helping kids to learn how to code and, above all, to keep up their creative confidence.

I love the work of Media Lab and I strongly believe in the Lifelong Kindergarten approach, so I'm very excited to join this group of passionate and creative educators!

Have fun learning!


I'm Allison a K/1 teacher in Dallas. I am excited to learn and grow with all of you. I am currently teaching programming and coding to my primary students and they are eating it up. I am loving all of the research that keeps coming out on coding. I am a big fan of Papert's work too!


Nice to meet you. I'm Jang Hee I, and I am an undergraduate student studying Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. I am interested in developing new technology that will help children learn to design, experiment, build, communicate, and collaborate! Currently, I am developing tools for children with visual impairments to learn how to code.

I strongly support Dr. Resnik’s idea that as people learn to code, they learn invaluable skills such as problem-solving, innovation, creativity, and teamwork for life in 21st century. I am looking forward to being a part of the LCL community and learning to develop new technologies that help every child to play and collaborate, grow up as creative builders, and above all, have fun!


Jang Hee I



I am Greg McVerry from CT. I am a researcher and teacher at Southern Connecticut State University.

I recently was awarded a fellowship to create an online role-playing environment to teach argumentative writing. I want to include ideas such as: biased think alouds as AI "read" sources they agree and disagree with; some rudimentary gamification of basic source evaluation skills, and multimodal multigenre publishing.

Figured a few of these sessions might be a great canvas to play or a chance to meet folks with similar interests who can help me with the things I cannot.


Hello from Southwest Missouri. I'm Sue, a MS Art teacher excited to learn and grow in this new community. I'm here in pursuit of my beautiful question, "How can I be better?"


Hi All
I am a mom and amath teacher with about 10 years experience at the secondary school.

As aerospace engineer I worked 7 years in the industry before teaching, and I try to have an holistic approach (STEMx : Science Technology Engineering & Math and more) .

My main interest is the Future of Education.

Here a picture at BCN2013 Scratch Conference with some spiral people
pircture of LCL1



Hey everyone, great to meet you all. I'm looking forward to interacting with you through this site. I'm currently studying for a PhD at Oxford University, researching assistive learning technologies with dyslexic students. Dyslexics share such creativity and I'm hoping to explore this through the program.
Speak soon,
Paul @dyslexicsonline


Hello, my name is Colin and I live in the rural county of Norfolk in the UK. Even though I live in a thoroughly English setting I see myself as European first and foremost (I can trace English, Irish, Scottish, German and Danish ancestors in four generations).

I am a freelance educational writer and consultant. I'm especially interested in open learning, adult informal learning and mobile learning.

Really looking forward to the learning journey ahead.


Rebecca | Alameda, CA
Founder: ARt YoWZa (Camp for kids ages 5-11)
Teaching creative confidence through the heroes journey.

Very interested in transmedia storytelling and adventure design


Hello, Learning Creative Learning world. My name is Melanie. I'm a librarian in a K-12 independent school in Richmond, VA. I work mainly with kids in grades 9-12, though I co-sponsor a maker club for middle school students too.

My passions: my family, libraries, craft beer, and learning new things. I sometimes write about stuff here:


I'm Saideep from Hyderabad, India. I run a start-up called PensioTech.

I am a strong believer of what Steve Jobs says- "Great products happen at the intersection of technology and liberal arts".
I'm here to open up my mind to the the creative thinkers from around the world and learn.


Wow!!! It's really good to meet you (virtually). I am curious to hear more about your experiences with creative learning across all of these occupations. It's great to hear someone speak about teaching as a dream job. I agree with you and hope we can promote teaching and teachers (and learning and learners) through the collaboration in this community.


Hey Thomas - Fork looks cool. I've had a look at some of the projects. It reminded me a little bit of for older people. Might be worth trying to find "patterns" or "models" that users could actually /fork/ and apply to their own goals.


Hello Karen. It is great to see you here again.


Hi All, Looking forward to another stimulating and creative learning experience with LCL2. I'm a 30+ year K-12 educator, mostly teaching programming and other computer skills. Over the past year I've become enraptured by the Maker movement (a romance helped along by LCL1) and am spending much time and effort exploring things like 3D printing, Arduino, LEDs, etc..

Can we get Alan Kay back again this year? Please?

Looking forward to learning with everyone.

Thanks to MIT folks for doing this!


I'm an education specialist at Helix, an offsite laboratory of the Exploratorium where we are testing a model for a small community science center that provides inquiry and experimentation experiences for an intergenerational learning community. I'm also first time father to a newborn who is learning about the world.


More greetings from Seattle (USA)-- My name is Jeff, and I'm an educational technologist at an independent school for students aged 10-18. This year I'm starting a tinkering/making program and space, as well as coaching students and teachers on tech-enhanced pedagogy and curriculum.

Before working full-time in Ed Tech, I was a high school choir teacher.


Hello friends! I'm Stacey - I work for a search engine marketing firm and am returning to the course for a second time! I really look forward to sharing this course with all of you! Feel free to connect w/ me on linkedin as well:

Cheers! Stacey


Hi I'm Catherine, and I'm actually not a cat. I'm interested in neural networks (as in brains, not computers) and connections to creativity and learning, as well as Design Based Learning and maker stuff - which if combined you could call an interest in The Maker's Brain. (I gave a presentation at the Links conference at the Media Lab last July with this title.) I am fortunate enough to work at the New York Hall of Science.


Thanks, it great to meet you as well, I am looking forward to becoming part of this community of so many passionate learners who in turn teach us all, not just the students in their classrooms! I love being the benefactor of so much talent and I hope I can contribute as well.


Thanks Phillip. You too! Thanks to you and the team for facilitating again! Hi to Randy - nice new addition wink.


Nice to meet you all!
My name is Alejandro. I live on Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands, Spain.
I've been jack of many trades.
I think, professionally I've been the most creative as furniture designer/cabinetmaker. As a front-end developer I've participate mainly in ordinary projects, where I put my creativity to work caring about standards, good practices, semantic web, and refactoring.
I've been always curious and passionate about knowledge in any area: science, arts, et cetera. Since my first one, 18 months ago, I became a MOOCs-maniac.
I'm curious about learning creative learning.
I feel a bit anxious because I've spoken English very, very little for many years and I don't know how will it go on during Hangouts. I appreciate fluency a lot and I wonder if I will be able to accomplish it.
I like surfing, photography and doodling.


Hello, My name is Vinny and I have taken this online course before. I am a two-time dropout of Brooklyn College. I am assistant secretary of the Friends of Historic New Utrecht, and we host Presidents' Day events and Liberty Weekend to school kids every year. I am very interested in progressive education and I've learned some very important things last year about transforming education. I look forward to taking this course.


Hello. My name is MaryLee. Currently, I direct a ministry called Christian Military Wives Fellowship and I HackSchool two children. I'm a veteran of the US Navy who is married to an active duty Sailor. I participated in LCL last year and fell in love with it to the point that my husband bought me an Arduino for Christmas. smile I am currently installing a special room in our house for tinker room for myself and my two daughters (the ones I HackSchool)--we're calling the room The Zap Shack. Coming back to LCL stoked to refresh my understanding and glean more ideas for teaching my daughters to love all things learning like their parents. They both (ages 5 & 7) started on Turtle this week.

I'm so ready to start continuing the journey!


Hello! I'm Mary (metz2u) I made the attempt to be a part of this group last year without having the technology to support it. I am delighted to have been invited back, & I look forward to interacting with all of you. I am exploring what will be next in my expanding Work life...I have been included in the formation of a small Education Group. I believe participation with Media Lab will help me to add value to that process.


Hi, Ana! Congratulations for your new baby! This is wonderful!


Hi all:

My name is Elijah. I am a science educator, currently out on long-term medical leave. Hopefully this means I'll have time to really enjoy this course. I loved it last time around, but my participation eventually dwindled due to work pressures. Once I get the health issues figured out, I'm looking at transitioning more into my photography and natural science education business (Whimbrel Nature) and also other non-traditional formats for promoting science education, creativity, and making.

As I said, I'm an avid nature photographer. You can check out my work at I'm a birder and for my PhD I studied improvisational song learning in birds. Here are a few random interesting facts about me:

-I spent a season (and a few more weeks later on) banding hawks and owls at Cape May, NJ (owl banding focused on the tiny saw-whet owl)

-I had a very brief speaking part with Alan Alda (in a Scientific American Frontiers episode focusing on my advisor's research)

-I was a 1992 delegate to the National Youth Science Camp in WV (and spent many years working on staff there)

-I love the outdoors and have at least tried most outdoor sports, among my favorites are hiking, camping, whitewater kayaking, and caving.


Hi, Mary Lee! Nice to meet you here!


Hi, Karen! Happy you are here too!


Hi,everyone! I'm Heloisa Zalcberg (Heloisa Zal), from Sāo Paulo, Brazil. I enjoyed very much LCL last year and extended the experience to CCOW. I became happy meeting people who also think the things in education should change - and much! The new experience was wonderful, enriched very much by discussions and works with people all around the world, from very different cultures and backgrounds. I'd like to thank Mitchel, Natalie and Philipp for providing this new opportunity!


Greetings People of the LCL2 Persuasion...I'm Shari, I am an international development professional specializing in the area of Social Change throughout Africa and Asia. I participated in the inaugural LCL1 last year and it greatly impacted how I approach and carry out my social change work. In particular, another colleague and I took what we learned here last year, and re-designed how we approach creating learning environments, as well as re-tooling how we design actual learning events. I work following what's called Human Rights-Based Approaches (HRBA for those who want to add another acronym to their list), and the creative learning principles I learned last time really helped me re-think what "learning" is and the differences between training, teaching and learning.

I am really excited to being this second round of LCL, and see what this iteration brings forth.


Hi Heloisa! So happy to see you here. I am hoping to see more CCOWers join in! It will be wonderful to learn and share together again! I too am thankful to have this opportunity to meet and reunite with such passionate people!


Hi. My name is Chris and I am the Dean of Students and Director of the Full STEAM program at a 7-12 college preparatory school in Los Angeles. In my job, I work with teachers to create courses that blend their unique passions with the skills that our students will need for the jobs of tomorrow. My hope for the future is that learning never has to feel like school for teachers or students. To be innovative, playful, inspiring and entrepreneurial is all that I ask of my students, my teachers and myself.

I am blessed to have three beautiful girls, my wife and two young daughters, to spend my time away from school with.

I look forward to working with and getting to know the amazing group of educators at the LCL!


Hi Everyone,
I’m Ryan Moreno from Miami Florida. My wife and I sat in on most of LCL last year and it was an amazing experience.I am an Administrator at REM Learning Center, a small private school, and the FabLab manager of our Play Make Share Program ( A program whose philosophy was greatly influenced by what we learned from LCL1. Our goal is to build a lifelong love of learning at an early age. I look forward to learning and sharing much more this year. Thankyou all for creating this wonderful coarse and community.


Aloha and Kia Ora,

My name is ANTz. I grace from the tropical islands of Hawai'i, but for the past 12 years have been living in the beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand). I enjoyed LCL last year and I am excited to see what LCL 2 will bring. It started off like it was a course but later became a community of like minded wizards of sorts. With the youth I work with we do projects in Scratch, Makey Makey, and WeDo. We also participate in VEX robotics. All creative learning base. Lets get it started.


Hi, Sandy!!! it's great you joined this too! so much to learn (and fun!) from all this! smile


Greetings from a houseboat in Paris. It'll be great to re-connect with new colleagues and old ones like Mitch (not "old", you know - "past"). Even though I might not be able to stay the full hour on March 18, I'm really looking forward to a great course ahead. Thanks for opening this course up to everyone.
Ciao for niao,
Bob Mohl


Heloisa! Wonderful to see you here! Looking forward to round two collaborations!


Hi I'm Debby (Oakland, CA) - I just read the 139 posts before this. What a group! Simultaneously exciting and intimidating. I participated in most of LCL1 and totally enjoyed the brain stretch, the possibilities, and the community. I admit I had trouble with Scratch but am here again to learn some more, connect some more and try Scratch again. I coach teachers and organize PD opportunities and if there's one thing I've learned it's - honoring the multitude of diverse learners is critically important, not always easy, but ultimately more rewarding. Looking forward to LCL2


Hi my name is Minji, I am a Chinese living in Shanghai. I have business background in management consulting and venture capital incubation, based in Hong Kong and Singapore. When I was doing my MBA in Cambridge, I realised my passion in EdTech was so strong that I decided to pursue it as my career path. I would like to connect Chinese learners and integrate us better in the world of education. I have a blog about MOOC in China. I am also running a project MOOC Yearbook for fun, via which I interview MOOC learners around the world.


Hello there! I'm Samanta, currently living in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I'm a teacher, but most part of the time I'm just a very curious person who has lots of interests set in an everlasting range of diversity. wink


Hi everyone,
My name is Mari Rosa. I'm a multi-lingual singer/songwriter and visual artist. I write and perform music, and also teach private voice and piano lessons to people aged 3 to 65.
This April I'm releasing an album I made inspired by Marcel Duchamp and Albert Camus. I'm creating, producing, and directing several stop motion videos, as well as traditional videos to enhance the experience of the music, and also bc... it's fun!


Hi everyone. My name is Saule. I am from Astana, Kazakhstan. Right now I am working with UNDP Office in Kazakhstan and I am a part of Astana Toastmasters Club. Here I want to explore online learning and get to know people from different countries.
Looking forward to courses.



Good evening or whatever time it might be for you! I'm Maia and I live in Denver. I cofounded and run an organization called MindSpark, and we run tinkering programs for ages 5-18! I participated in the first LCL, but hope to have more time than I did last time to engage. It's very exciting to be part of this amazing community! I'm always looking to push creative boundaries, especially with technology.


Hello there!

I am Aruna Sankaranarayanan, but I've learnt from experience that it's better to introduce myself just as Aruna. I work at a startup called Brainwave, a science magazine, where I am currently working on gamifying all the magzine content for a new online project. I absolutely love my job!

I always happen to find education projects that I want to be involved in. I did some work with the Oracle project in high school, and happened to find this lovely book, Algorithms Unplugged in college that I loved! I think all of this has a little bit to do with me reading Toto-Chan when I was in 7th grade, and feeling more than a little affectionate about the book.

I am a huge open-source enthusiast and have been part of both local linux users groups in Bangalore and organisations like the GNOME Foundation and KDE. My local linux users group runs a few community computing centers to bridge the digital divide between underprivileged children and under-represented groups here in India. I am particularly interested in using LCL2 at these centers, along with activities from Computer Science Unplugged which we plan to implement.

I am a huge fan of the Media Lab projects having used Processing and Arduino extensively for quite a while now. I am really excited about the LCL2 because I wasn't part of LCL last year and don't know what to expect.

Happy learning!



My name is Agnese.
I am a teacher of primary school in Roma, Italia, and I really like creative...teaching.
Now I'm here to learn how creative learning is, because it's the other side of my job and this team can help me for sure!
After school, I'm (very) involved in CoderDojoRoma, the coding labs for children all around the world.

Scratch in touch,


I'm Sibilla from Italy, I live in Omegna near Orta.
I worked by a software house as IT expert, but now I'm teaching robotics and informatics as external expert in kindergartens and primary schools.
I'm very curious about this course...!


Ciao Sibi,
ben arrivata. Unisciti a noi sul Meet Up Italia


Hello, PD, here. I direct Fab Lab DC. I'm new to the LCL group.


Greetings! I am the founder and director of Perduco, a center for self-directed learning, entrepreneurship, and global awareness, for youth, ages 9 -18. We will be participating in LCL2 as a whole group; I am looking forward to the experience. For more information about Perduco, visit:, or contact me directly at:


Hey Everyone,
I'm Sondra Mantle in Nova Scotia, Canada. I work at Dalhousie University's Faculty of Agriculture as an Instructional Media Designer. I work closely with the LMS (Moodle) and with other educational technologies used in teaching (Dropbox, Vimeo, Blogs, etc.), and play a big part in course development from a learning strategy, technology, and design point of view. All of our user resources are designed and written by me, and that ties in with my true passion, DESIGN. I've been working towards a career change, I'm building my portfolio and beginning my search for a new job.
I have no concrete expectations with LCL, I'm pretty excited to see how things unfold, making new connections, and fueling my creativity!


I've just learned recently about EdCamp from Philipp, and we're looking forward to connections between EdCamp and the Learning Creative Learning community.


Hello people from MIT and fellow participants,
I am a teacher by passion and profession teaching in India for the past 5 years, with focus on English and Literature, but also a mix of other things to adolescents. I have been blessed to be in association with people who enjoy teaching, and are attentive to learning how to teach and teaching adults and children how they learn.
I also run a slum initiative in Ahmedabad, India, which has been teaching a small group of urban slum children for the past 4 years.
Knowing a few people from MIT media lab, a few MIT alumni as friends and a boyfriend who is a '13 pass out from MIT has allowed me a very intimate insight on the 'hack' mentality of MITians. And I absolutely adore the intuitive, self immersing, mistake friendly, no-nonsense approach MIT has towards learning!!!

Here is hoping this online 'experiment' gains fruition, and that this course benefits the likes of me, people hungry to learn, but can't afford coming to MIT.

Vishwa Srivastava
Ahmedabad, India


I'm Curtis From Raleigh, NC. I'm interested in figuring out better ways for me to learn and in turn helping my sons to learn and improving my job skills. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you all.


Hi everyone, I'm excited to be a part of this course!!



I wish this course introduces me to the tangible as well as intangible tools to interpret activities involving children and computing.

I am a computer scientist and programmer working in Information Retrieval (IR). Of the many sub topics in IR, say, speech, video and text, I focus on text retrieval. The idea of helping children build computational structures in their minds attracts me, so in my spare time I try to work with children, observing them play with computers, and learn. In India, I used to help out a group of friends run a home-school for girls, and a children's club on Sunday evenings. Now that work has brought me to the US, I try to find time to volunteer in the DC area. Some months back I helped out at the Mini Maker Faire organised by the Kid Museum at Silver Spring in Maryland. Next week I'll be working with the Kid Museum again, at their WSSC H20 Water Event and Rockville Science Day.


Hi all!

My name is Megan and I currently work for an awesome organization, based in Cape Town, called Siyavula. Siyavula is an Nguni word meaning "we are opening" as we produce openly licensed maths and science resources for school learners in South Africa. I am the Content Coordinator and was responsible for producing the Gr 4-6 content in 2012 ( and the Gr 7-9 Natural Sciences content last year.

I am passionate about making science and maths fun, engaging, stimulating, enticing, and importantly, openly accessible, to young minds.

This year at Siyavula I am looking at how to take our current content for Gr 4-9 to the next level, in terms of interactivity and online learning tools that we want to develop. I am really looking forward to engaging with this community and course to see what I can learn to help what I am doing at Siyavula, but also to feed and stimulate my own mind!


Hello everyone -
I am excited to be a part of this group - and to tap into my inner creativity. I have a new FabLab at my school and will be excited to take what I have learned back to my faculty and students.
I look forward to learning and creating together.

I am a new Director of Technology and have been an educator for 25 years. I love learning in all forms.
Looking forward to growing my Community of Practice.


Hello everybody,

I am Mohona Bose, currently working in the Information Technology department of Legal & General America, Maryland. After doing my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering I have served the IT industry for past 6 years. Now that I've got a work-life balance, I feel it's high time to carry out my passion which has always been with kids and making education interesting for them.

I have taught kids earlier during my college days and also in an evening school named "We care" - after office, while in India. After coming to the US, I have been to the Silver Spring Maker Fair, worked there as a volunteer, worked with the Kid's team in the UMD lab and looking forward to more such opportunities that involve children, computing and education. One such coming next week is :

It was a wonderful experience meeting Mitch in person and I am eager to go through this session arranged by mit media lab. I am super excited to be a part of it. Unfortunately due to office schedule, I'll miss the first day session. But I shall try my best to attend all the ones that come after this.


Hi! My name is Fernanda, I'm from Brazil. I have a digital marketing agency here and give classes to postgraduate students of FGV and Estácio de Sá. I just finished my master and am looking foward to watching this class.

My passion is transmedia storrytelling, but here in Brazil the investments on this area is still very short.

I have a four months old daughter and am hopping she gives me time to get the hole class every tuesday.


This made me smile. I love the terms you use: "hack school" and "zap shack".


Hi Everyone!

I'm a FabLab enthusiast, d.thinking fan, and learning follower. I do makers/fablab workshops in NYC, Bay Area and Mexico so far. You can see some of my work here.

I'm a mathematician and psychologist, entrepreneur and behavioral designer. Studied a Stanford MA in Learning, Design and Technology and I currently collaborate with the TLTLab (Transformative Learning Technology Lab) of Prof. Paulo Blikstein at Stanford. Looking forward to learn from everyone. smile


Thank you Heloisa!!!! He's a sweet baby! smile


Hi, everyone!

I'm Lisa from Dallas, TX. I was in public education for 10 years and have been in informal education providing professional development to teachers in the Dallas/Forth Worth area for almost 3 years. My passions are Project Based Learning (PBL) and science. I am extremely fortunate enough to be able to combine the two in my current job.

I am really excited about this course and am looking forward to learning from everyone that is participating.


I participated a bit in LCL1, and am excited to see what comes from LCL2.

I am a media maker and youth worker, currently living in Somerville, MA but missing Minneapolis, MN where I worked at a Science Museum for a while. Right now I am a grad student at the Harvard Ed School and work for Adobe Youth Voices (another online learning community you should check out).

Excited to get started!



Hello everyone! My name is Jenn Steplowski and I work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am excited to learn more from everyone as I am new to this field but no stranger to education, design, or creativity. In my free time I love playing recreational sports (currently floor hockey), sketching, and prepping for my acceptance to a graduate program in Learning Design and Technology.


I'm in Boston, MA and work in a graduate program at UMass Boston focused on Critical and Creative Thinking. My specific interests span community and adult education, and ways that community members develop as teachers and facilitators in informal education settings. This might involve taking some area of personal knowledge and then extending their own learning by teaching what they know to others, especially with creative teaching practices.


Hi everyone! It's great to be part of this amazing project. My name is Elisabeth or "Lis" for short. I'm the Vice President of Education at The Tech Museum in Silicon Valley. We do a lot of work in the spirit of this class and I'm looking forward to meeting other people who do similar work. I also graduated from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group a few years ago and so this is a nice way to reconnect. My work in the group and now at the museum focuses on how to support creative communities in sharing, making, and understanding one another's creations.


Hi, my name is Sachin and I am joining this group from India. As a day job, I lead Learning & Development for one of the big 4 consulting firms based here. Over the past 16 years, I have helped hotels, banks, tech giants and internet retailers, drive up human potential. Each of these have been equally exciting and fun places to work

I am based in Hyderabad in the southern part of the country. I experiment and experience different learning methods such as MOOCs, board game simulations, immersive VR etc. I love technology and how it is changing the world around us and its social fabric. I read a lot and spend almost all my remaining spare time with my 3 year old, wondering about the capabilities of the human brain.

I am sure that LCL2 will be great fun for me and for others! Looking forward to interacting with all of you.



I am a technology teacher at a small, independent school in Boston, MA. I have taught, mostly 4th-6th grades, for almost 20 years and have taught technology for the last four.

All my life, I have loved to take things apart and put them back together, and the maker & fab lab movements create the opportunity to do this in the classroom. I am evolving an individualized, self-paced tech program for my school.


Hi there!
I'm Juliet. From California, Living in Bologna. Want to find other people who treasure...CREATIVITY smile


Hi Everyone!

I'm a Program Manager at MITx and work with MIT faculty teams to create MOOCs using edX studio. I'm also the mother of a 13 year old daughter enrolled in a Boston Public School. I am in the process of starting a maker lab in my neighborhood. I've designed and implemented curriculum for Maker Camps for middle school students where we used open source micro-controllers like Arduino ( and the Lilypad ( to build projects and am particularly interested thinking about new ways to implement maker lab type curriculum and learning activities!

Eileen McMahon


My name is Suzette Duncan and I am a Tech Integrator at SF Friends School in San Francisco. Since starting this job about 7 months ago, I've been thinking a lot about how students learn, especially outside of school or in club or free spaces. I want to create a program for students that reflects their natural habits of learning and that doesn't feel like regular school.

When I'm not thinking about teaching, I'm usually playing the ukulele. I am not very good, but I play anyway.


Hi all,
I'm Dilek,live in Turkey and I'm here to discuss and learn new stuff.I read your intros and I think I'm really lucky to be part of this course.
I'm a teacher,traveller,classical movie addict,fantastic book lover,..etc.
Pleased to meet with you!


My name is Lindsay Welch. I am an iLearn Specialist in the Eden Prairie, MN school district. I have my master's degree in Learning Technologies from the University of Minnesota. I am part of a team that supports teachers as they work to transform their classrooms to include communication, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking and how 1: 1 technology can enhance those skills.
I look forward to learning with you!


Hey All!

I'm Jeff Sweeton- a technology educator in Chicago working with various groups including CodeCreate, The Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University and a church on the West Side. I'm also a freelance filmmaker and former Clubhouse Coordinator- I can attest first-hand to the inspiration that this approach to learning breeds! As a filmmaker and artist, I was pretty disengaged in science and math classes growing up and, discovering the Media Lab and its ideas, I realized I could command these skills too: it then became clear to me that all creativity is really universal.

I tried to join you all for the 2nd LCL but got kicked off the server: I've got to run now to help a student recording a documentary but I look forward to reading again what you all are doing!


Working for LEGO Education in Denmark with our internal knowledge center about learning and creativity, I am thrilled to be participating in this course smile


Hi – I’m an Instructional Designer for a healthcare system in eastern North Carolina. I’m a jack of all trades type who grew into ID through creative writing, technical writing, and web design. I love taking projects all the way through – writing, graphic design, directing videos, editing videos, development.

I love learning new things, trying new things, thinking up new things, and bottom line am always looking for the best most relevant engaging approach for our adult learners.

What else - I'm from New Hampshire, desperately miss Vermont, have two dogs and two cats... and will be an empty nester in August,


Your portfolio contains some gorgeous photos!


Wow lot's of learners. I am an artist/writer/ poet/ educator. Actor is in there too. I live in Arizona and write and teach and make stuff. I blog about teaching here


I'm Jill. I live in Amsterdam and am participating in this course as a sort of experiment for my own learning and creative development process. I have a tendency to get distracted - oh, look, a bird - so I really, seriously hope to stick through this and make it to the end. Happy to be a part of this community to learn from others, and also find new inspiration.


I live quietly with my canine children in a small burg, W. of Seattle. I am a retired educator and trainer, always learning something new and in search of the holy grail of learning. My days are spent reading, writing, watching old videos, grazing with my dogs, and thinking about thinking. Stop in at my BLOG at: Nothing for sale there, but you may find something useful or entertaining. Cheers to all.


Hi there.

I'm Heather, an advertising creative (boo, I know) in Minneapolis. It was fascinating today, listening to their conversation about the process of creative learning—and eerily familiar. The 4 P's are precisely what I experience and observe everyday at the office. However, work is not entirely why I'm here. I'm just a nerd. I spend my free time reading and learning everything I can get my eyeballs on. Excited to hear more of what these guys have to teach.


Hey Sachin - Good to meet you and thank you again for being so patient during today's unhangout.


I can't wait to see a video!


M Jason Vandecreek
Working from Wichita, KS.

Social Entrepreneur, ICT Consultant, Research tools for early childhood education.
Owner @ Vandecreek Consulting
Associate @ Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR) at Wichita State University
Board Member @ Trees for Life, International

I have been interested in constructivist learning models and Media Lab activities for many years. Since 1998, advocate for Linux projects, and the open source model. Wanting to experiment with building the capacity of participants while creating community resources.

Recently been working on teacher to teacher training models/lessons, hoping to build educational tools and resources for the developing world.

Background: Computer Science, Community Psych, Medical Software, Marketing / Branding software, Design / Art Direction, Non-Profit Models, Tool Building to Support Researchers



Hi Heather smile
Via the map link, I see Laurie Toll is also in Minneapolis.
So far, just two dots in Kansas.


Hello everyone!

I'm from the Portland, Oregon area. I'm forever caught somewhere between academia, industry, and Internet culture. I grew up in an online community and the informal learning and creativity that took place in that space is very near and dear to my heart. I'm on a journey to try to recreate and share this experience with others.

I am presently interested in online summer camp and the intersection between personal journaling/storytelling and hands-on learning in small virtual groups. Lately I've been exploring ways to help inspire original culture-building and collaboration through digital starter kits.

I like programming, design, art, and 3D modeling. I also make really bad sushi. This spring I’m trying to navigate grad school funding, wedding planning, and moving to a different city.


Started this class last year and did not have enough time to devote to it. Glad to see the "less is more" approach this year, which allows me to focus on the key concepts and have enough time to explore them in the weekly activity. The new online platform this year also looks more navigable. It's easy to gloss over how innovative and different these concepts are in the educational sphere -- I already notice how much more I can appreciate them after letting them simmer in my brain for the last year.


I teach pull in enrichment classes for students in grades 1 - 5 in the Summerland and Penticton area in BC, Canada. A big focus of my program is fostering creative thinking. I'm looking forward to this course and learning with all of you!



I am James and I teach Primary Computing (ages 5-11) and am developing Scratch courses for my children. I joined in last year's course and really enjoyed it.

Best wishes


Hi folks. Greetings from Guernsey — a tiny island in the English Channel.

I run an after-school making club for kids — Maker School
…and host an open community for passionate creatives with monthly get-togethers — Nerd Nights
…and recently started a youth music project —

I joined LCL last year but it didn't quite scratch where I was itching and I fell behind.

I'm giving it another go and looking forward to connecting with like-minded people.


My name is Bob Kahn and teach middle school science and robotics. I have been teaching in private K-12 schools for over 20 years in mostly the "traditional" way. An online course that I took in the Summer of 2011 rocked my world. Last summer, I attended the MIT Science and Engineering Program for Teachers. Without a doubt it was the most quintessential educational experience of my life, as a teacher and a learner.

I am convinced that the four Ps is the best way for kids to learn. Desks in a row, followed by tests just doesn't do it for me anymore. I am so excited to learn more in LCL. Here are some links to a couple of blogs that I maintain: and Cheers. p.s. I am not a dog, but will figure out how to change my profile picture.


Hello everyone!

I am another veteran of last year's LCL, and though I confess I wasn't able to finish, it started me on a pretty amazing journey this past year. I took the Creative Computing Online Workshop, tried a bunch of new things in my teaching, and I'll be starting at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the fall!

LCL1 and the ideas it led me to were a big part of all that, and I'm really excited for LCL2.



Hi everybody!
My name is Massimo and I have been doing so many jobs I get kind of embarassed when someone asks. Basically I started as a Digital PR & Social Media Manager then realized I was more keen on teaching about social media and digital cultures than writing marketing plans. After some quite good teaching experiences here and there I realized I had a special feeling with children and worked together with Fablab Torino to organize the firs Fablab 4 Kids workshops. At the moment I am working on a project to teach kids about the basic concept needed to browse the internet safely and smartly without the need of any digital device. That's why I particularly like the kindergarten approach! I live in Turin, Italy. You can read about myself on Facebook and on my blog.
Ciao ciao and enjoy life!


Hi! I am a Portuguese student of Science of Education at Lisbon University and a huge fan of technology and creativity. At my Educational Technologies class I found out this course and really got excited with it. In the future I would like to work in educational projects, combining adult´s and children knowledge together.

I am 34 years old, my husband is a UX team manager, and develops and manages IT projects and has a strong background in programming and multimedia, also including design abilities. I am very close to his work, and I am familiar with the all process. I hope to learn a lot, interact and star a international project in a collaborative way.

Glad to be part of this!

Patricia Valerio /


Hello Everyone,
I am Sasan From Tehran Capital city of Iran, I am so happy to see a very diverse set of educational, cultural, regional backgrounds which I believe it has formed a multidisciplinary group of people that I think it could be result in great outcomes.
I am keen on research in HCI,AR,TUI and I had experienced research in HCI and e-Learning.




Hi all,

I'm a digital media designer and interested in creative learning. Creating for me has always been a sort of a second nature. I'm good at creating idea's and opening solutions. What I never knew or was aware of though was "how I did it". So is there some sort of model behind my way of thinking?

What made me more curious about this 'sort of model' behind my creativity and took me here was the moment that I applied for a job as teacher creative thinking. So I would like to embed my experience and creativity in more didactical skills in order to help others (children, students) to get back to the wonderful world of playful thinking.


Hi all,

I'm a teacher from Canada who's been living in China for the past 6 years. Lots of exciting ideas in the last LCL course, so I'm really looking forward to more. Hope to attend my first Maker Faire in Shenzhen in a couple of weeks!

Still working on getting a makerspace at my school and hoping to create a mobile makerspace to take to schools for the children of migrant workers here in China.



Raffaella Micheli, Hi All, I live in Italy, Tuscany . Pedagogic Education. I’m a lover of figurative arts, have followed formative courses with various artistic techniques for sculpture, painting, decoration and ceramic. I’ve worked, and work as creative manager realizing complements of I furnish, objects and terracotta gardenware. I’ve been collaborating for many years with American companies importing Italian products. Writer for passion and very interested in creative learning. This is my first time here. Actually learning Scratch.



Conny Karman, currently an educator, artist and mom of 2 gifted daughters in Broomfield, Colorado. My youngest (7 years old) is very curious about things and sometimes ask difficult questions. I enjoy creating projects that excites her and relate that to science or engineering. I teach an after school/summer program in metal art and architecture design at local schools (

I have a Bachelor in Architectural Engineering and MBA in Finance. Before kids, I used to work for GE and Arthur Andersen.

This is my first time at LCL and look forward for fun discussions and great learning experience.


I'm a fairly new middle school teacher in southern Maine. By no means am I freshly out of school, it just took me a while to figure out what I would be happy doing. I received degrees in accounting and economics, sold panoramic sports pictures, became an insurance agent, and then eventually decided to make my way towards becoming a teacher. What I loved about all my jobs was explaining things to people and helping them understand how to help themselves, and I've always loved learning new things along the way. The process of learning has never stopped for me, and I sincerely hope it never does.

So now I find myself in the position of Media Specialist/Technology Integrator/Teacher. As of next year I'll be teaching 6th grade digital citizenship, 7th grade Intro to Coding (a brand new class in our middl school), and integrating technology, media skills, and literacy into other classrooms.

I want to be a better teacher! I want to always be excited about what I'm teaching, how I'm teaching it, observe and learn from my mistakes, try and fail, try again and succeed, and have classrooms full of engaged students.


Ugh the pressure to inspire! I am a veteran educator and former public high school principal in Georgia. I have a beautiful, smart and talented college freshman who keeps me on my toes. I have recently decided to start a new chapter and am taking the time to professionally develop myself. With a background in math and computer science,experience in online and hybrid learning this opportunity was right up my alley.

I'm hoping to catch up to what is current, learn how to help teachers transform instruction using available technology resources and meet our students, the digital natives, where they are to positively impact their learning experience.


Heya, I'm Justin! I'm based in Seattle, WA and see there are some people from UW in there =)

I run a creative commons online wine education startup (Wine Folly). Our team creates educational art designed to help consumers. We serve over 12M educational assets to people from around the world every month and maintain viewership exceeding 1M/mo.

We are launching an intuitive learning platform in 2015 that attempts to turn the relatively dry science of wine into actionable information wine consumers can use within the context of their everyday lives. It's a work in progress; our current site functions as a blog where we are testing static mixed media.

I believe many of the values of this class are inline with what we have been trying to do at our startup. We believe that adults can benefit from exercising this sort of creative feedback loop when enjoying wine and see immediate social/economic benefits.


I'm Andy. I'm a high school teacher at Bellerbys College, Brighton, England. I also volunteer at a local primary school to run Code Club. Check out


BA/TA work on requirements gathering and process analysis. While doing Business, Technical, Fiction and Non-fiction writing through odesk, elance, PPH, Crowdspring and Quadhelp, etc. Write articles, papers, specifications, e-Books and Books. Mentor Startups through different organisations (for example, TechMeetups) and answer questions on fixya, Quora and Harvard Business Review.

Top 1% viewed profile on LinkedIn in 2012
Top 3% viewed presentations on SlideShare in 2013


Welcome back, Mary Lee, Heloisa and Ana!


My name is Teryl, I am here because some peers from the Critical and Creative Thinking program of UMass Boston recommended this . My passion is creativty, I write as play and my projects include teaching various groups and topics. I am inspired by crossover creatives (DaVinci, Franklin, Jefferson, Beulah Louise Henry) as part of my idea family tree. I believe everyone is creative and can be taught creative thinking. I strongly believe you can learn from anyone and teach with anything and that we need to be looking for creativity in the unlikely places--kids are creative but we are even more so when we want to be.



I'm Bryan, I work in computer science for the federal government. In a past life I was an automotive technician among many other things.. I love to take stuff apart and I am always trying to learning something new. One day I'd love to come to MIT and enter into the Media Lab Graduate program.


Hi I'm Katherine, I work with youth in an urban public library in CT. I have enjoyed being involved in the evolution of modern library service. Surrounded by teens 24/7, I am on the pulse of whats hot and whats not in their real and virtual lives. I am always looking for new ways to help guide youth in developing skills they need to be competitive in the real world. My favorite digital spaces are instagram and twitter. You can follow me on twitter @kttrend. I look forward to learning and sharing with you. * All content posted on this course site represents my views, not those of my employer.*


Hi! I am Beth R-G from NJ. I am a huge fan of Mitch, and his work with the Kindergarten Group, and look forward to this course!


Well, I have been working on a new song. This might be the inspiration I need to record myself. I'm notoriously shy about paying for others but a video might work.


wow, another Spiral is here
Hi @kttrend


My name is John and I live in Addis Ababa. That's in Ethiopia. (Africa)

Yes, we have running water and plenty of food. smirk

I'm Director of Technology at a large international school and when I'm not organizing all the tech (our 1:1 laptop program is expanding into the elementary), I'm also teaching High School programming and applications development courses. (We intro with Scratch, but focus on Processing, Python and LiveCode).

I started LCL last time, but never quite completed it. Hope to stay the course this year!


At first Imagination Foundation brought me here. It seems as such a good idea, I wish, I had seen this the last time.

For some years now I've been fooling about trying to learn about creative processes through different sources, making my own tools for inspiring other people (games, workshops, exploration introductions, and so on).
Being at a public library I feel a strong need for supporting my community into using better methods and solutions in their daily life, study and work.
In our educational system there's a stronger and stronger focus on usability and PISA, leaving the creative kids with diagnoses or sheer boredom. It's like shooting all wildlife to save livestock, only to ruin the ecosystem of human progress, focusing on a purely short term, economical outcome. Time to change that!
Yes, I'm passionate about this, thank you. But passion is 1 of the 4 P's, right? c",)


So interesting what American libraries are doing these years regarding new ways of using the space for learning and innovation. Fablabs, makerspaces, facilitating to mention a few. Great inspiration.


Any date set for the Cambridge meetup? I'm in Brookline...would love to have a coffee with other lifelong kindergarteners...


My name is Blake, I live in Brookline (next to Boston). This is my first time taking this course and I am also learning various web development languages at the same time with other Moocs. My hobbies include running, space exploration news, and straw bale construction methods. Excited at this opportunity with the Media Lab!


Hello, my name is Karie Huttner. I am an elementary educational technology coordinator in Verona, WI. I love how technology can spark student learning and have found myself going down the path of finding the right blend of virtual and physical creation. This year I started a lunch and after-school design lab which provides a space for students to use Minecraft, 3D printing, coding, as well as weaving and more. I have been trying to expand the choices that students have. I would love suggestions of different learning opportunities that I can help provide.


Hi there! I work in the software industry, interested in education, technology and learning through experimenting. You can see some of my stuff in this blog (Hebrew) describing some volunteer work I did in a kids hostel, taking all sorts of devices apart and learning how they work.


Hi, i'm Julie and work in the distance learning field. Actually used to since i am currently unemployed, but it allows me to follow several MOOCs and try out apps, among many other things. So no big deal!
I am based in France now, after several years living and working around East Africa mainly, great region...
I look forward discovering and applying design thinking techniques in education, and being in touch with passionate people too indeed.
Talk soon,


Thanks very much. I'm in the process of overhauling the website and adding new images. So it is a bit of a mess right now.


Hi everyone. First time being involved in LCL and so I am looking forward to where this might go. Onward...


Hello everyone! I'm Mike from the UK. I'm a web developer and designer catering to small businesses. I'm pretty skilled on the development, management, and business aspects of the job but I'm looking to boost my creative skills.


Hi, Katherine! Nice to see you here! I remember once you said you worked in a library, but I didn't know about your passion of " to help guide youth in developing skills". In another way I do the same with my students. It's wonderful! Congrats!


Hi! My name is Paul Carlsson, born -69 and I live in a small town in the south of Sweden named Karlshamn (Carls harbour). I work at Blekinge Institute of Technology where we have educations in media technology (audio, game, visual and web production). I´m also into research where my main interests lies in the possibilities of recreating education as we know it. How to design creative space/environment and how to organize our our education programmes and the content to promote creativity and new ideas. Happy that I found LCL and hope I have the time and space to take part of all your knowledge and ideas.
My sparetime is spent on being with my family (common-law wife and three kids, 8, 11 and 14) and to play music in some different bands. Started to play the upright bass a couple years ago in an americana band called PPM (Peter, Paul and Martin).


i'd love to come! maybe i can switch shifts one week so i can.


My name's David, although most people call me "Lefty" — "too many Daves". I'm 57 and I worked for 20 years in Silicon Valley prior to getting laid off, along with 35% of the company, in 2010. I've been working on building up a career doing freelance technology consulting and writing since then.

I live in Calaveras County, in Northern California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Hi. My name is Ai Boon from Singapore. I am a Christian songwriter and a great fan of Scratch. I work as a Scratch Educator for Scratchworks which belongs to my husband. We have two wonderful sons. I love to use Scratch as a tool for teaching all kinds of subjects. My favourite subject is Creative writing. : ) I am very grateful to the Scratch Team for sharing this most versatile educational teaching tool with the world.


Hey John - I've been to Addis a few times and it's my favorite city in Africa. The food is amazing (and so are the Meta beer, and the coffee). Great to see you here. P


Hi Katherine! I'm a Teen Programming Specialist at the Free Library of Philadelphia, running our Maker Jawn Initiative. The first thing I did on this discussion board was look for other library folks. Looking forward to sharing with/learning from you!


Hi new friends! My name is K-Fai and I work at the Free Library of Philadelphia. I run the Maker Jawn Initiative, a daily afterschool maker program in libraries across North Philadelphia. I help to herd and steer our amazing team of Maker Mentors, nearly a dozen people with backgrounds that include computer science, video production, and art, who guide youth as they identify and articulate their own creative, personal, and future-thinking goals, mostly through the creation of artifacts (videos, eTextile projects, etc) that serve as communal talking-points. Visited with a lot of folks from LLK at DML last month, and I'm really psyched because our entire Maker team is participating in the Learning Creative Learning MOOC and dedicating time during our weekly meetings to discuss the topics. Sometimes you get so entrenched in being a practicioner, that it's hard to step back and reflect, and that's what we hope to use LCL to do!


Hi Ai Boon, happy to see you here and to again have the opportunity to share ideas and inspire each other!


Adriano, so wonderful to see you here. Looking forward to more learning and sharing with the fabulous Spirals and LCL folks.


Hi K-Fai, hurray for Teen librarians! Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who has the new Pharrell song and the #selfie song on loop in my head. I visited the main branch of your library in January during the ALA conference. Your job sounds excellent, looking forward to connecting with you and learning from/with you.


Heloisa! Wonderful to see you here. I fondly remember our LCL community and had to join up again. I gained so much inspiration and insight from you and the Spirals and LCL community. I felt enriched for the whole year and missed it when it was over. Onward!


Thank you, yes libraries really have to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers. We have to innovate to stay relevant, especially with youth. I look forward to exchanging experiences and ideas with you during the course.


Hi, I'm Roberto from Switzerland.
I've been following @mresmres and his group's ideas ever since 2007 when I literally "fell in love with Seymour's Ideas" quoting one of his articles.
I run (not necessarily in this sorted order):

  • Math classes
  • Physics labs
  • Computer Science labs
  • Robotics labs
  • International Projects on some of the above
  • MOOCs about some of the above
  • enjoy the awesome nature around

I hope to learn from you as I did last year in LCL1, and hopefully contribute at least for a bit.
Have a nice day.



My name is Eva Söderberg and I live in Sweden. I signed up for this MOOC with shaky fingers because I´m not quite certain that I belong. I´m fascinated by creativity and how we learn things, but my field of creativity is more in the line of handiwork and this seems to be a lot about technics. I have a textile background, constantly making something. Clothes, textile art, embroidery, but also ceramics and silversmithing. I need to be working on at least a couple of projects so I don´t get restless.

I´ve been working as a teacher for almost 15 years now and I feel that I´ve found the job for me. I teach kids from the age of 12 to 15 and my subjects are Swedish and Slöjd. Perhaps you could translate "slöjd" with craft (textile, metal and woodwork), but I´m not sure it totally covers it. I teach the kids to use the tools and the materials that´s the most obvious, but more important is the skill to experiment and believe in your ability to make things. The process of what you are working with is in focus, preparedness is the word that appears when I try to translate the Swedish word.

My teaching involves using computers a lot, especially teaching Slöjd. Everything is to be found on youtube, and on the internet and I encourage the kids to think for them selves, try to find the tutorial for what they don´t know but also to make the tutorial when they found out how things work. I´ve come across the Maker Movement a lot lately and my personal challenge as a teacher now is to find a way to work with other materials in Slöjd. I can´t clearly express what I´m hoping to find but I know this was the reason for me to sign up for this MOOC.


Hi My name is Shuo, originally from China. Currently I am a UX Designer in New York. I was at MFA program at UIUC. I am very interested in using design to help us change the way we learn.


Hope you have wonderful time again. the things have just begun wink let's keep in touch!


Hi, Ai Boon!!! Now I found you here! I hope the tips I gave you helped you. You can also use another one. Please look at the right up corner of this session: you'll see the symbol for search. I typed your name and find you. Hope it helps!


Hi, Eve! Good to find you here! I'm trying to join the brazilians participants. I met just two who attended the first LCL, but I saw that there are others. Let's make a brazilian group! I created on "MEET" a group to all brazilians "A todos brasileiros!". please have a look! see you!


Hello, Everyone! My name is Myra and I am an Associate Professor of Business Studies & Economics at Salve Regina University in Newport RI. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in Management, Quality Management, Organization Development, Creative Problem Solving and Research Methods, to name a few.

Here are a few things about me:

  • I am a classically trained flutist but my newest instrument is the double bass.
  • I have a house full of pets but the vast majority live outside as I am a beekeeper with two hives (about 80,000 honeybees in the backyard in mid-summer).
  • Along with my fiancé, we write song lyrics and compose music; I love to sing but I cannot carry a tune.
  • My area of expertise is quality management and I have traveled the world helping organizations improve their quality either through consulting or through auditing.
  • I ran the MBA & MS Management degree programs for 10 years and, until recently, I was the Department Chair for 3 years. Now I am just teaching/advising again and finally have time to join classes like LCL (for which I am very grateful!).
  • It is very exciting to be part of the LCL and I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and to working with you!

Hi, Edu! Nice to meet you! Just in the vibe of meeting people around here: have you already met Ana Pagliuso? She's brazilian like me, but many years in Spain and worked in Catalonia! You can find her here too. Hope to see you!


Hi, @sorjacson ! Nice to meet you! I'm brazilian too and trying to put together the LCL2 brazilians participants. Please, check out at "MEET" a group called "A todos brasileiros!"to join us! Abs Heloisa


Hello everyone,
I am a Physics and Chemistry teacher from Portugal. Also I am a educational researcher and an Entrepreneurship trainer.
Good work to you all,
Sérgio Leal.


I am a researcher at Future University Hakodate, Japan.
My primary research is robot-mediated interaction in virtual worlds (see
I am here to participate, observe and learn.
I am particularly interested in developing a theoretical and pragmatic case for a more constructionist curricula which embraces creativity and multi-disciplinary project work. I need to convince skeptics, and with the help of this experience I hope to build my argument smile


Interesting to read about the after-school design lab. I´m at "the other end" working with the making of things in education, but wanting to find a way to integrate technology in my teaching. I assume the weaving you write about is actual weaving of fabric...


Hi! Yes, I already met her. She was asking for a spanish meetup in Barcelona.

Nice to meet you!! smile


What an inspiring text about teaching!
What you are about to start (digital citizenship and media skills) doesn't exist in the Swedish curricula, at least not as a subject, but since so many schools have 1-1 (all kids get a laptop or an ipad) it has to change I think. It would be really nice to get a chance to follow you in your work with this!


Hi, my name is Viki. I live here in Massachusetts. I am passionate about the design of all things. I have been working for many years developing user experiences from a visual design perspective. I am currently working for a education company here in the Boston area designing online applications and tools for students and educators in the Higher Ed sector.

I'm very much interested in learning more about how the process of design, coupled with technology, can impact learning - particularly online.

I look forward to sharing and learning with all of you.


Thanks for the encouragement! I use quite a few lessons from Common Sense Media and recently began including more community circles to discuss some challenges students have, there are so many things to tackle that don't have correct or incorrect answers in this new digital world. Our school is encouraging integration of Restorative School Practices in our classrooms, so I'm taking steps to introduce them to my classes. Incorporating this strategy with the concepts and tough decisions involved with being a good digital citizen has been a great combination for genuine thought-provoking discussions. We'll see over the next two years if it makes a great difference in their online decisions.


I've been a weaver since high school and when I was teaching third grade, I found that weaving was a really wonderful experience for many of my students. My students learned about fibers from around the world and different weaving practices. I am reintroducing weaving into our Design Lab because I want to have a learning environment that promotes creation in both the physical and virtual worlds. I've started to investigate soft circuits, conductive thread, LEDs, and more. I just purchased some Gemmas to try with students some soft circuits.


Hi everyone,
I think I read almost all introductions, and it was quite fascinating, learning about such different backgrounds and organizations you are enrolled in !

I'm Laura, I grew up in a french caribbean island, and I am thankful for this childhood in nature. I discovered education and technology back in 2009 when I joined the One Laptop Per Child community. I have worked with OLPC in Madagascar ( 3 summers), Haiti and Jamaica. It was a tremendous adventure.
I graduated with a master of international business which I try not to regret since it taught me a lot, but thanks to OLPC I found my true love which is education/technology/learning/kids/creativity, and this why I am here smile
I like music, painting, taking picture, singing really loud, kids, and one day I want to build my own sailboat with sails of different colors, solar energy, and I want to be able to grow flower fields on the deck, so we could exchange flowers for books while traveling around the world. I also have a thing for maps.
I look forward to discovering through this course !


Hello All,

My name is Steve Ciampaglia and I am an Asst Prof of Art + Design Education at Northern Illinois University. I am in the process of developing a curriculum for the middle and secondary art classroom, rooted in Art + Technology practice, featuring PicoCrickets, Scratch, Stencyl, Processing, CMU's Hummingbird, littleBits, Squishy Circuits, and Modkit/Arduino/Lillypads as the centerpieces.

Along with Kerry Richardson, Adjunct Asst Prof of Film, Video, and New
Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I am the co-founder
and co-director of The Plug-In Studio (, an
autonomous, self-contained, and entirely portable Art + Technology
classroom that brings technology-based art-making to underserved children
and teens in community learning sites in Chicago. We bring netbooks loaded
with Scratch, PicoCrickets, littleBits, teachers, and curriculum, and simply plug into the existing physical sites of our community partners in order to
provide free/low cost after school Art + Tech classes.

Nice to meet all of you.



My name is Renee Judd. I am an instructional designer at National University. My prior academic background is Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology (Ph.D., University of Chicago). After serving as faculty for more than 10 years, my increasing involvement in matters related to online teaching and learning led me to a distance learning program at U Wisconsin and also to my current position. I look forward to becoming a part of your learning community.


It sounds interesting, but perhaps because I´m from Sweden there are a few expressions I wonder about. What does "Restorative School Practices" mean?


I´ve never been a weaver myself, well I´ve tried but I´m more into making clothes, embroidery and different kinds of yarn techniques but I do agree with you that working with the materials, creating things is a great experience for the students. I have just started to think about using conductive thread with embroidery in class but I don´t really know where to start and I don´t know if I have the time or budget for it...

What is "Gemmas"?


It is a wearable microcontroller.


Here's a PDF you can check out with some information and further resources about Restorative School Practices.

I think this is the most straightforward description: "Restorative practices create safe schools where all members of the community are accountable for their actions, resolve conflicts, create positive relationships, and build an inclusive, respectful school culture."

I can tell you more if you are interested. I've only just begun to adopt a portion of this program into my classroom, but it's already helped with behavior issues and enabled us to discuss some pretty serious topics and listening to everyone in the class.


Hi everyone! My name is Kristen Swanson, and I'm really excited to be doing LCL2 this year. As a lifelong Edcamper and tinkerer, I'm excited to see the magic that happens when people all over the world come together and think! I can't wait to meet all of you. wink



I'm Caleb. I'm an advertising executive in Colorado looking to bring my passion for creativity and learning to the developing world. By exploring new technologies and teaching methods, I hope to help make the world a better place.



Hi Everyone, I am Henna from Mumbai, India. I am an Astronomy/ Science educator and I take activity based workshops across schools here to get kids excited about Science.

I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from all of you here.


Hi, I'm Staffan Hessel and working as ICT-developer for Schools in Malmö, Sweden.
Got this kind of "Swenglish" page if you want to know more;

Looking forward to meet you in the course!


Hello! My name is Brendan, I've read that my name means 'Raven' - hence my username, Nomyayi (The xhosa translation). I live in South Africa, the rainbow nation!

I love learning online and any free time I get, I focus on online learning. I am also a full time student at UCT in Cape Town - so I don't get as much free time as I would like, but who does.

I'm really excited about being part of this community and can't wait to collaborate and learn.


Hi all! My name is Marcus. I am a high school counselor that loves to promote creative and output based experiences for students. I serve as an advisor to our robotics team, and to"D2E" (Dare to Explore) a club that empowers students to realize their ideas and was inspired by the MIT Media Lab. Outside of school I run workshops for elementary aged students that mix creativity and movement. I am also a graduate student in cognitive psychology (intelligent technologies concentration) at Teachers College, Columbia University. Most importantly though I am a new dad, which makes me even more passionate in ensuring students have every opportunity to be creative. I am really happy to be able to take a course through MIT on my favorite topic without leaving New York!


My name is Stella and I’m the Director of Educational Technology at an independent K-6 school in Southern California. I studied communication as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. I was especially interested in non-verbal communication and communication through advertising at that time. I also love to travel so when I finished my undergraduate degree I worked for American Airlines for a while.
I entered into the teaching profession after I had my daughter, and through several different circumstances I took the computer teacher position at my current employer. The job started off with only 12 computers and 1 printer that were not networked. My job responsibilities were to teach K-5 students how to use the computers. I have been at the school now for 15 years and have seen many changes! My job has evolved with these changes. We now have over 120 computers, which include desktops and 2 laptop carts that are networked, projectors, printers, RedCat microphones and ELMO document cameras. Next year we will be getting an iPad cart. I have seen a great deal of change in a relatively short amount of time. I’ve also learned a lot about networking computers and teaching others… young and old.
In 2004 I received my Masters in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. I am now the first point of contact if something goes down on the network (although we have a gentleman who is officially the network specialist but is offsite) and my position has changed to include Instructional Design. I enjoy “tinkering” with new technologies and am curious about how we all learn. I really look forward to the sharing of ideas in this class.
On a personal note I enjoy cooking, traveling, photography, and snow skiing. Although I was born in Los Angeles, California, my parents are from Kalamata, Greece and I would visit there almost every summer growing up. I speak Greek fluently.


Hello everyone!
I am very happy happy to be here with you all!
I am a french-italian tech entrepreneur currently living in Brazil (São Paulo/Rio).
I co-founded two startups and
The first one, Amuseworld is a multimedia entertainment company for little girls (age 6-12). Our dreams is to open up the girls to different cultures to make them become real citizen of the world, sharing the same strong values such as respect, courage, solidarity using technology.
I have been working on this project for the past 5 years and I am now at a turning point with some ideas for spin-off that I would love to discuss further more!
I am really interested in all the ways we could bring girls to embrace more scientific and engineering careers, especially through play & toys.
Apart from that I graduated from Singularity University in 2012, which gave me an amazing opportunity to spend 10 weeks on the NASA campus and dive in all the new and exponential technologies.
Hope to get to know better some of you soon!


It's very nice to meet you here again!


Better late than never! I'm a science/tech museum educator for a high school audience, and I'm very early in my development as such. Very excited to continue my exploration of Connected Learning and to further refine my practice.



My name is Keisuke Kirita, or Kei for short.
I am a doctoral student studying Art Education at Sophia University in Japan. My theme is the creativity in art education for the primary education. I recently research that The problem-solving style which students emerge in artistic play activities(zoukei-asobi, in Japanese)is nearly like the bricoluer style Papert said.

I have lived in Saitama, Japan since I was born, moreover, never been to any other countries! But I want to talk with, or discuss, the member in this LCL2, then I entry.

By the way, this icon is my first costume playing at Comic Market. I love art in Japanese geek culture.


I’m Jim in Albany CA, next to Berkeley. I’m currently a learning technology consultant helping startups and others build better learning environments. The topic of this class is close to my heart, professional interests, and personal life with two preschool kids of my own. Thinking about the first week’s topic brings me back to ideas I’ve lived with since graduate school when I took a class with Seymour Papert. I’m looking forward to revisiting them in new ways, further up a spiral I hope…


My name is Adrian, I live in Austria and I am interested in different practicable ways how information can be transformed into knowledge, what do others think about different forms of education in the 21st century and how to acquire new skills and capabilities aimed at increasing the peoples social relations and their sense of responsibilities.
I enjoyed the LCL-Couse last year very much - thank you for that - even when I was mostly only viewing the videos and reading the scripts. Sorry for that, but always busy ... and sometimes maybe a little bit lazy.


Hi, I'm a teacher from Brazil who has a huge interest in how to develop a creative learning. I'm also a dog lover (I have 4 cute yorkies) and my "gear" in this world is to help to improve the Education in my country. The way I usually contribute is teaching as the best as I can and help other teachers to understand this digital culture in my website
I hope get more virtual friends here, because it's the best part of the internet: making friends around the world.
See you =)


Oi Leila! I checked your website and I love it! smile_cat
Is it directed mainly to adults or kids as well?


Hi, Stella! =D
Thanks for the click wink
It's directed to adults, actually to teachers, but we have a lot of kids who access us LOL Maybe because we use the internet language and a kind of humor in some products of the site.
I was looking at your profile, you're brazilian too \0/ It's a pleasure to meet you.
I"m from Brasília. And you? Do you also have a site?


Hola, I'm Gerardo Sanchez from Merida, Venezuela. Engineer in electronic, worker of "Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia", the National Observatory and Astronomy Research Center in in Venezuela. My principal work is designing new astronomic instrumental, mostly in CCDs cameras and control. Freelance photographer I work mostly making panoramic photography and also 360° interactive views. I joined here one week latter, but I will try to follow you as much as my poor English let me. I'm father of a 13 years old boy who is desperately looking for new ways to learn science and technology. Here, where we live, all kind of resource in this way are limited, not to mention the big crisis we actually have as a country, so we will try to get as much information as we can from here.


How are you?

I´m Víctor, i am from Mexico.

I work with young people and children at Ex-convento culhuacán, I teach them how to use new technological tools.

The project in which i am working, It is a workshop which is called "punto de encuentro digital" It is duty is teaching children and joung people how to use computers and help them to develop your abilities like being critic and their creativity.


Hi Everyone,

What a lovely supportive community. I'll keep in brief as I know we have lots of reading to do.
I'm an artist working mostly in installation and performance art. I am also an education consultant and visual facilitator when I'm not tinkering and working with thread to build large scale projects.

I am nomadic. I've lived on 3 continents - with the last 5 years in Toronto. Recently, I moved to the shores of lake Erie to a tiny fishing village full of natural wonders. When the sky is just right I can see the dim glowing lights of Cleveland and Detroit across the lake. I look forward to working with you all.
I've attached a photo of some of my work but you can see more at

If you're on twitter I will be posting weekly visual facilitation from the course to help support my own and other's learning.


Hi Leila,

A pleasure to meet you. I have has a lot of Brazilian clients over the last few years. Lovely to see so many people from across the globe here.

Sandra : )


Hi Heloisa! Nice to meet you, too. I enjoyed seeing you in the breakaway session today!


Hi I am Diane Darrow
I am an artist, writer, educator, and dreamer. I grew up on a small farm in Connecticut, and spent many hours playing in the woods. As a high school student, I was happiest when painting alone in the art studio. When I went to college, I choose to earn a BFA in painting. A few years later, went on to receive an MFA and show my work in galleries and museums.

When my son was born, I began to question why I was focusing my creative energies on object making for wealthy collectors. Deeply affected by Suzi Gablick's book "The Reenchantment of Art", I changed my vision of art making and directed my attention on building communities of learners and learning environments. I became a classroom teacher and children became my canvas.

Today I work with teachers and technology. My desire to foster creativity remains my life purpose. The medium have used during my life is wide reaching. It began with a crayon and pencil, then I fell in love with oil paint and later on the eyes of a child. I am interested in creation.


Just saw the Albany CA line - I live in Marin.


Hi all,

My name is Iván. I'm really happy to share this learning experience with all of you. Talk to you soon.


Hello, my name is Henry De la Ossa de Bogota, Colombia. I have been working on finding new ways of improving education, improving the ability of teachers to teach and students learn, and the role it can play the use of ICT. We explore connectivism, the use of social networks and the possibilities offered by PLE and personal learning networks in increasing the wealth of knowledge available. I am delighted to find people so interesting participant in this MOOC.

Best regards.


Hello everyone. My name is Andrew. I took part in this class last year and absolutely loved it.

Currently I work in Marketing and Social Media for a leading lighting brand in the world of photography. Education has always been a huge part of my personal and professional career.

As a photographer, I pride myself in learning, and try to stay as current with the ever changing technology and as a trainer I believe learning and marketing go hand and hand.

I hope that moving forward if anyone is looking to make a discussion group I would gladly join up, I think that also helps in the learning process.

I wish you all the best during your time in this class and hope to learn not only from what's presented and the projects that are given but from the community that is connected to this group.

Thank you for reading.


Hi, I've taught technology as an integrator and specialist for nine years, taught scratch and Lego robotics. Right now I'm at home taking care of my new baby! My posts will be brief!

Sincerely Shelby Montevirgen


Grade 6 International School Teacher checking in from Tokyo!


Hi there,

My name is Arash, I am Persian! I am a real outgoing person, working on my Communications Studies major and my friend told me about this site and I just had to try it!


I'm Amy Browne, a mompreneur from CA from a family full of teachers. I am very excited to hear all of the discussions related to creative learning. Graduate work in the MIT media lab would be a dream come true so I am super excited about the opportunity to be part of this MOOC. I consider myself a "kindergarten for life" sort of person so that already struck a cord for me. My background is transdisciplinary design, new media and now parenting so my passion projects have merged into a amalgam of how to best serve my kids future world with what I have to offer it.
I'm quite sure growing up in the classrooms of my family made life long learning as natural as breathing. Environment greatly set my course so I think how to provide that for my kids. My attempt at revolt was to NOT be a teacher but an artist, however now as a Mom I explore the role of creative learning ad media in my children's learning everyday as well as collaborate with their teachers. I completely agree with peer to peer learning which is why my children are in schools not homeschool and why I put effort in helping their schools be updated.Both kids were in Montessori schools until they moved to charters that are whole child. I am a huge fan of Marie Montessori's philosophy and think she was way ahead of her time. I also believe strongly in collaboration as a future necessity for survival or success and open as a human responsibility. I am currently working on projects related with teams from the games industry we hope to be in the social emotional or whole child space upon launching. Would love to see talks about tolerance in collaboration, whole child learning, balancing digital with the natural world, what character means for the next generation.
Thanks again for opening this course.
-Amy Browne


My name is Jaleesa Trapp, and I am the Clubhouse Coordinator at the Computer Clubhouse of Tacoma.
I graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Human Centered Design and Engineering, with a concentration in Human-Computer Interactions. I love working with youth, reading sci-fi, and playing with LEGOS.


I think you've answered your question about belonging here in your first paragraph. Quite the contrary - I hope we'll manage to keep up with you.


Hi everybody!
I'm Francesca, I'm a Spanish architect and urban planner and I began teaching architecture for children 5 years ago when my daughters left kindergarten and started the school ...I felt something didn't go well with their education and I tried to discover why and how I could help them.
Since then I'm obsessed in creative processes...and I've extend this concern about all people without age distinctions...
People are open minded 'cause they are creative or they are creative 'cause they are open minded?
Very Excited to be here!


Hello Creative Learners,
My name is Juan, I was born and live in Santa Marta, Colombia, I am an new media artist , designer, hackeducator , maker and recently I co -founded a company that seeks to combine technological development , art and education, since I became a teacher I could not stop learning all the time, even though a year ago and left my teaching job , I am still interested to hack education for my two daughters and the people around me have better access to learning opportunities and knowledge.
I have various interests such as datavisualisation, contemporary art, particle physics, 3d printing, creative learning, open source, neuroscience, creative commons, digital citizenship, visual arts, programming, robotics and many more.
I found the LCL and I loved the proposal , and why I'm here , I want to share, learn and teach others, also want to hear and interact with different worldviews of people from diverse cultures and knowledge ..


Hi all, I'm German Bejarano, I am in Bogota Colombia. Now I am a professor of computer science and technology with elementary school children. I'm always interested in how children learn and how I can improve learning environments. I seem interesting proposals of Professor Resnick in learning and creativity and so I am here.


Hi Massimo, I visited your blog and I'm very interested in the project MilleMolucche. I was thinking about something similar trying to use Open Source Intelligence strategy to help teenagers understand how they share very important things about themselves on internet very often unconsciously. I was thinking about a game where they should be investigators... but I still have very confusing ideas regarding how to implement it. I think that your idea to start before talking to younger children is very interesting, can you give me some more infromation about this projetct you are following? Thank you, Melissa


Hi Melissa,
first of all, thank you for your appreciation. My idea isa basically to use methods as old as time as theatre, storytelling, role-playing games, treasure hunts etcetera to spark thoughts about how the internet works. This way we can educate children about the internet and the consumption of digital contents even without access to computers, even to the internet too. It's more like a story told and played about the internet, it's more like creating fairytales about the internet. At the moment I'm trying to sell the project to Italian schools (which by the way are totally underfunded) and it's quite tought but the projecy has been shortlisted in an Italian contest looking for the best ideas about social innovation. It didn't make to the final stage but it was great to be selected. If you like the idea we could have a chat and see if our projects can work together or have something to share. What do you think about it?


Hello, I am jumping in a few weeks, but will be chugging coffee to get caught up. I attended the first LCL and loved it! I just wrapped up the DLMOOC and now am ready to come back to this. I am an instructional coach for a middle school of 1100 students. We have converted to project based learning this year so working like mad to develop this type of culture and community of learners.

I have all my nerdy passions and projects on my website or you can always reach out on Twitter @coffeechugbooks

If you love LEGO, robotics, Arduino, project based learning, and/or Google Glass I would love to connect.


I moved a post to an existing topic: Week 1 - Activity


Hi there. I am Miguel Angel Perez. I live in Mexico and I have 25 years working with technology. I meet Papert and Mitch Resnik in Mexico some years ago. I work with Scratch to develop reasong skills with children and Education School students.

I work in private schools and in the Mexico University.

My selfie and profile are here


@jaleesatrapp We should talk! I thought I heard in today's session that you are doing HCDE at University of Washington, but I didn't want to flood the chat with unending questions about it. I'm looking to start the master's program in the fall. I'll send you an email! smile

I'm very happy to see at least two people from HCDE in this thread.


YES! I did HCDE as an undergrad and I start my masters program this fall! We should definitely chat, I'm looking forward to your email!


I am Rohith from Bangalore, India.

I am a product manager by profession and work in the tech industry. Now I conduct make-a-thon's for kids (7-13 yrs age group). Over the last three make-a-thon's, kids have invented 5 products. We next intend to help these kids productize their ideas. We will also enable kids to sell their products.

We focus on Tinkering, Constructivism and Bricolage. We roughly follow the typical product design life cycle.

I am excited to be part of this community and looking forward to have some awesome experiences.

You can reach me on


Hi All

My Name is Dhananjay and working in Software quality assurance with a spare time hobby of poking and looking things around during the godly free time I might have. This community looks so much fun that I have been visiting on a daily basis and hope to stick around for a long time in multiple projects. Wishing all a happy learning and good productive project time folks...


Hello Everyone,

First, please accept my apologies. I know that's a bit late for introduction -abt three weeks-. I'll try to catch up the curriculum this weekend. My name is Mete Varas, an enterprenuer/executive/investor. A passionate about learning new things, design and creativity.

Greetings from Istanbul



HI, I'm a little late starting because I tend to put a few too many activities on my plate at any given time. But I'm a social worker so that's kinda the norm. I've read a number of the introductions by others and can't wait to see some of the projects folks have made. About me. Hmmm. I live in Canada. I am a social worker. I like to learn, explore and adventure (as a verb). And I'm excited to stat creating!


We had a viewing in Besiktas a few weeks ago, wish we had met! Welcome, Mete.


My name is Dvora Kravitz. I recently completed the Innovative Educator Advanced Studies Certificate (IEASC) from CUE and Fresno Pacific University. I was an Edicational Specialist at LAUSD for 9 years, and left September 2013 to explore new and innovative teaching opportunities. I am currently working with Darko, an innovative orthodox Jewish ungraded school for boys and girls ages 7-15.


Hello , I'm Adi. I'm a little late starting off here , but this sounded too amazing for me to able to wait for the next time something like this came around.

I'm an unschooling advocate/sociopreneur/makerspace junkie/chemical systems engineer because I need to pay the bills.

I am part of The Mad Hatter Labs which is bringing unschooling to mainstream education.

So far , I have worked as a high-volume cook, math tutor, outdoor science teacher, EMT medic, summer camp director and tree climbing instructor .

Looking forward to awesome experiences !

Onwards and upwards,


Nothing like making an introduction in the 11th hour! I happened upon EdCamp, and then onto this open course. I am a new educator (3rd grade, but next year is too far away to cal!), forward-thinking and naively but confidently optimistic about the potential future directions of education (especially blended learning and problem-based approaches). I found the description of this course and project intriguing, and decided to hop on the LCL-train as a curious observer (to start!)


Hi All,

My name is Gabriela but you can call me Gabi (easier, shorter and friendlier) wink and I'm from Argentina!!

I'm a System Analyst and mother of two beautiful children and because of them I ended up in this group smiley

I love technology, science and learning and I'd like to pass this passion to my kids and prepare them for the future taking advantages of the technology, communication and have fun during this process!

I'm also working on the creation of a ONG to spread this passion to the ones that don't have access to technology and give them the tools to change their future.



Hi my name is Sam. I teach core courses in science for undergraduates at Boston University and I teach in the Sustainable Design MS program at the Boston Architectural College. I started using what I call an aesthetic approach to science learning last year after spending a sabbatical thinking about the methodological/behavioral connections between science and art. I have been encouraging my students to use contemplative observation, reflection and play(!) to help them wrap their heads around science and design learning. I think it's working. So I'm happy to get connected with you and learn more about what other people are doing.


My name is Christiaan Pretorius
I live in Pretoria South Africa, any other South Africans here?
Had my quarter century birthday recently
Civil Engineering graduate working in Human resources at BMW
Freelance Photographer and Videographer
Wish I could learn like they do in the Matrix, but for now I've settled with online learning


Hi, everyone! I'm the newest member of this forum and it's good to be here. I hope to read all your interesting posts and share my insights as well. Have a great day ahead.


Hi! My name is Keila Matsumura and I'm a developer from Brazil. I really enjoy developing educational projects in virtual and augmented reality. My friends and I founded a startup focused on games and education. I'm currently working in a virtual reality project (with Oculus Rift) to be exposed in 2016 at a brazilian educational Museum.
It's my first time here, and I'm looking forward to know more people with similar interests! smile


Hi folks, good to meet you -- this is a really interesting group of people!

I am product manager at Wikimedia Foundation, where I help build new tools to help users contribute productively on Wikipedia (1). On the weekends, I am an active member of a collaborative learning community called Pataphysical Studios, where we create art and teach ourselves electronics, woodworking and creative living. (2)

My previous ventures include:, a nonprofit social news network devoted to good journalism; Handtap, a wireless content service for mobile phones;, a web entertainment site at Macromedia; Apple Computer's Multimedia Lab, a new media R&D group; and Videowest, a producer of rock journalism for ABC, MTV and public TV.

I am an Ashoka Fellow for my work as social entrepreneur -- and earned four patents for my interactive TV work at Apple. These days, I am particularly interested in collaborative learning networks.




Hello, my name is Andrew & I am from Toronto, Canada.

I've joined LCL as I'm interested in this area of creative learning and how highly engaged community experiences can be further defined (e.g. interaction, applied behavioral economics in relation to emotional states) and applied across various sectors. I'm also applying to be a grad student with the Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group next year and hope to get accepted so I can pursue my research interests in this area academically.

How did this come about?
I was a mentorship coordinator for international & exchange students at YorkU for 2 years and during that time, our team managed to increase enrollment by 400% and participation in monthly events were consistently well attended.

Fast forward to 2014, I signed up for the MIT15930x “Who is your customer?” MOOC. At the end of the course, staff sent out an invite for those interested to come to MIT for a bootcamp this summer. I applied and was accepted. The pre-bootcamp weeks that followed were a blur, we started self organizing, first on the edX platform and then subsequently on Facebook.

In less than a week (working globally around the clock & without having met), we managed to gather those who were selected to form a critical mass, divvying tasks up and assigning them to groups based on areas of expertise (brand creation/pr, video pitch, crowdfunding campaign, sponsorship letters, etc). Through this, I've realized how the pre-bootcamp prep was key to building a highly engaged and motivated community. When we finally met in person in Boston, it was like we already old friends and the in-person working experience at the week-long bootcamp was even more fulfilling.

While still recovering from the bootcamp, I've learned that (it is more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy and) it is more about the journey rather than the destination and perhaps, the best way to do this well is to journey together as a community and creatively share what we've learned to others so as to better understand it ourselves.

Can't wait to start off on this journey of learning creative learning with you!

Best regards,

Bootcamp Media Page
MITx Bootcamp Facebook Community
Crowdfunding the Next Big Idea & MITx
My profile on LinkedIn


Hello World,
I am encouraged by this forum to help my students achieve educational goals. I am a Political Science Professor at Pierce College in Los Angeles, CA for the past 10 years. I teach in the classroom on campus as well as on line. My hope is to create a support system through social media that will promote and guide under-priveledge students for the Los Angeles Community College District which is the largest in the nation with 9 colleges under one district. I look forward to participating and being a part of this learning community.
Tony Fernandez


my name is Oz. i'm from israel.
i'm a game developer at intel and after work hours i run a small design agency that designs learning experiences. we work with educational leaders and startups, helping incorporate game elements into their products.
i have teaching experience, so i also do brainstorming sessions with teachers to help them add more playfulness to their instructional design.
please ask me for any ideas of more active learning.


I would love to learn more about your make-a-thon model!! I am in Portland,Oregon, US

Do you have any literature or a website with information about it?

Diana Laboy-Rush


I LOVE AMuseWorld! I have a 6 year old daughter and I coach 2 all-girls robotics teams because I am passionate about getting girls engaged in Science, engineering, and technology. What a great way to ensure they see the world in a global perspective. I recently took my daughter throughout several countries in Europe and it was the first time she had an opportunity to hear so many different spoken languages at once. And the colorful fashion and food! It was an amazing eye-opener for her. However this type of travel is not always a possibility for girls to have the experience, so this application - Amuseworld - is brilliant!!

Thank you!

Diana Laboy-Rush
Portland, Oregon, US



I am a technical communications professional, currently function as the Senior Program Specialist for STEM Inititaives at Tata Consultancy Services. In the CSR effort I manage, goIT, we pair our industry professionals with middle school and high school students to mentor computer programming skills.

We currently use Scratch, Lego Mindstorm and MIT App Inventor to engage and teach icon based coding to great success. I'm here to learn more from the community as to how we can make our program stronger and impact youth learning and engagement.

Best regards,


Hello everyone!

I am a high school student (aspiring MIT student wink ). I plan on majoring in computer engineering, but also have a a strong interest in music, especially electronic composition.

For the past four months, I have participated in MIT's MOSTEC program and have come to enjoy online learning communities quite a bit.
I figured LCL would be a great way to supplement my current learning and continue an online learning experience even after my MOSTEC experience ends in January.

Looking for to it,


Merhaba, Hello,

I am a career diplomat with working experience in a variety of challenging environments from the Balkans to Afghanistan. Currently I am heading the department for G20 Outreach and Engagement at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara.

Having discovered "coworking" experiences of social entrepreneurs and change-makers and got fascinated by the idea of sharing an inspiring space for creative collaboration and innovation, I am connecting with people to explore these exciting concepts through Project InnoMate. InnoMate organizes three Meetup Groups in Brussels, in Luxembourg and in Istanbul.

With the team at InnoMate Istanbul, we have developed Project InnoCampus which will be a pop-up innovation platform travelling to universities: This is a non-profit social responsibility project.

Recently, we have applied to Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union together with 12 partners from 7 different countries. The aim of our project proposal is to make science education more innovative through FabLabs. We took the responsibility of mobile FabLabs work package.

One of my passions is also creative education. The TED Talk of Sir Ken Robinson on "How Schools Kill Creativity" (2006), the movies "The Wall" and "Dead Poets Society" truly changed my perception about current education systems. We have to do something about it now! That's why I'm here.



Hey all,

I'm Dan. I had the fortune to stumble across LCL last year and really enjoyed the community, the work, and the doors it opened for me. I jumped at the chance to be involved again, so I am back as a moderator this year. Hope I can be helpful.

I currently work as the Technology Coordinator at a small, independent (private) school in Boston's Back Bay area. I get to work with students from K to 6th grade, to support the faculty and staff, and to manage tech projects like the school website. For the first 17 years of my teaching career, I was a classroom teacher mostly in grades 4-6. I have also worked as a computer consultant, as an apartment maintenance provider, and in a brewery. I have two children, 3 and 6, who fill my life with all the things kids fill one's life with. When not teaching or parenting or doing educational work like this, I find some creative outlet to delve into. Currently this is designing tabletop games. I recently ran a successful Kickstarter1 for my first game and am now working on getting it published. Other projects have included writing a children's novel and, separately, bookbinding.

I am looking forward to giving back to the LCL after having really enjoyed it last year.

On twitter, I am @rilesdan though I don't inhabit that space on a regular basis.


Hello all! My name is Tracy, I run an Instructional Technology department at a University in Maryland. The timeliness of the email I received for he latest round of this learning community was amazing. I had just returned from the DevLearn conference in Vegas where two of the keynote speakers (Neil deGrasse Tyson and Beau Lotto) spoke about play in learning, creativity and critical thinking skills as keys for educating our current generation of children and young adults. I was inspired to step up my own learning and to expand my own learning community. I am looking for ways to make my office environment one of innovation for what we do, and I'm always looking for fun an exciting ways to help faculty expand their online learning environments so that they are more interactive and effective. As a parent, I'm also looking for ways to keep my 6 year old's passionate curiosity alive (and using it to inspire myself to do the same!)


Hi, my name is Mauro. I'm from Buenos Aires (Argentina) but I've also lived in Valencia (Spain) and The Hague (The Netherlands) and now I'm settled in Manchester (UK).

I've studied Mechanical Engineering and have been working "in the industry" since, but I've grown tired of working for big projects and companies where I'm just one more cog in the machine. The last time I was happy with my job was when I was tutoring kids in Maths and Physics or when I volunteered for events that interested me (TEDx, music festivals). So now I'm dedicating all my free time to steering my career into something that I enjoy.

I enjoy learning new things, talking to people with passion for their ideas (they don't have to be good ones), programming, DIY technology, music, science fiction, beer and street food. Seriously, I would kill for a burger and a pint right now.

I look forward to meeting new cool people and learning to learn.



I am Brian, an undergraduate studying mechanical and electrical engineering at the University of South Florida. My educational interests include haptics, control systems, and signing up for too many classes and labs. I also enjoy playing trombone and piano, and my wife does not enjoy the moments I disassemble anything and everything within sight.

I'm hoping my insight can help somebody step toward their goals here, although I worry constantly about not having enough time to contribute meaningfully.

Best wishes, all!


Hello everyone. I my name is Sandy and thrilled to be here as a moderator. I like to introduce myself by sharing my journey here to the LCL community.

I came to LCL via the first MOOC I ever participated in (CCOW in the spring of 2013). CCOW was truly a life changing experience for me (cue the dramatic music here). It was there that I met, was inspired and learned from some amazing, talented and creative educators. As a result I made some dramatic changes in my teaching and personal learning. It was through CCOW that I came to learn of LCL, unfortunately I had missed the first round. Thanks to Youtube I was able to watch all the previous videos and I jumped right into LCL2 last spring. There I was able to reconnect and meet some new educators. LCL2 led me to Tinkering Emporium’s Coursera course this summer on the Fundamentals of Tinkering which in a word was awesome, and facilitated by fellow LCLers, Mike Petrich, Karen Wilkenson & Luigi Anzivino. All of this open up a world of knowledge and I am forever thankful. It has made me a better educator, and do a dare say a better person…I think so.

Oh and here is my standard intro with few more facts: I am K-5 technology teacher and love my job. This is a my 4th career, my career background is fairly eclectic (from a Casino Craps Dealer, Insurance adjuster, Restauranteur to finally my dream job as a teacher) I am passionate about creative computing and learning anything new! My mission is to infected my students with that same passion. New this school year, I am running an after school Tinkering/Hacker/Maker type club, I call it the Tinkering Dojo.

So with all that said, I am here again to continue to be amazed, inspired and to learn. I hope this time I can give back by perhaps inspiring a few of you to share fearlessly and freely. You'll never know where it may lead you!


Hello!! I'm Angela Sofia from Bologna, Italy.
I'm a Kindergarten Learning Support Teacher and a Psychologist.
I'm also a CoderDojo mentor ( love to explore the coding universe with kids in a playfull atmosphere!!!
The last summer I was at the MediaLab for the Scratch Conference where I met a lot of interesting people that have inspired me in so many ways that it's hard to explain.
I'm so excited to start this new adventure with all of you!!!


Hi everybody!
My name is Andrea, I am from Argentina.
I am a Translator and teacher and MOOCs are fascinating. They are helping me make my dreams come true. I have always wanted to study abroad, but life sometimes can be complicated.
I am learning so much with this opportunity of interacting with people from all over the world. I am trying to persuade my students of doing MOOCs but I have come to realize that language is a problem. Some of the intermediate learners find it very difficult to follow the ideas or participate in the forums.
Probably younger students will use English more naturally than my over 30 students.
I look forward to continue learning and helping others to learn.
It s an honor to share this space with you!


Hi there,

My name is Beth, and I am a biology tutor and an advanced skills practitioner in information learning technology (ILT). I am interested in how online learning can be supported from both a blended (flipped) perspective, and in courses delivered completely online.
I am also here for selfish reasons, as I was previously a post-doctoral researcher and briefly a lecturer in neuroscience; I just can't stay away from research;finding out new things and passing them on.
Outside of work I enjoy gardening and Chinese brush painting, though I am still getting to drips with both.


Dears, Glad to see an exciting and enthusiastic group being formed.
I am Idikula [ Idi ] an engineer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. I am quite excited to be here and after my short courses at MIT have been excited on the research and discussions at MIT. Looking forward to learn and share from all our smashing diverse set of experiences.

Lets keep the pace and keep going as much as we can:)


Hi there! My name is Erin and I'm a librarian at a private school just outside of Boston. For the past few years I've played a significant role in the development of our school's innovation lab. I am very excited to share that beginning next month I will be running the lab. Yikes! I have a feeling as I make this transition and begin to develop our program I'm going to need to be (very) creative. Looking forward to connecting with all of you!


Hi Folks,
My name is Barry Gelston and I am an online math teacher. My website is I am interested in moving my math education to a collaborative learning environment where students get to create and share in order to explore mathematics.


Hi ,My name is James.I have been teaching now for about 20 years as a primary teacher in New Zealand. More recently I have been specializing in teaching ICT. I live in Manly, Auckland, New Zealand. My wife Christine is also a primary teacher. We have four children. Our oldest son is a web developer and our other children are still in school. I am excited to be joining LCL!


Greetings. Looking forward to participating and meeting kindred spirits while engaging in learning creative learning together. I am excited to experiment with new tools (for example, I am looking forward to using Unhangout--I just participated in the Self-Directed Learning Unconference hosted by Dale Stephens and the Gap Year program in San Francisco).
I blog here (not so often) and here (even less often). I am busy prototyping an online program for teens focused on supporting teens in designing individual and collaborative "projects for the greater good." Less blogging, more heads-down.
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area--the tree photo in my profile is a typical morning view.


Hello. My Name is Anna. I am from Portugal. I already had pard in LCL 2013, and reall excited to participate now. Very happy to meet all the people who also will take a part.


Hi fellow learners! Nice to e-meet you and happy to participate in this course/community/event/process. After the Biotech Industry in the Netherlands, Capacity Building in the Philippines, and teaching and developing Engineering Design in Life Sciences / Synthetic Biology, I now develop MOOCs at the TU Delft in the Netherlands. When I'm not doing that I sing, play and listen to Brazilian music, swim, bike and run, cook and eat with friends, or, highly underestimated, improve my skills at dolce far niente.


hi oz, one of the next steps for us is to pilot a hubot for blended learning smiley


what's "hubot" ?
can u share a link please?


My name is Agnese and I'm from Roma, Italia.

I am a primary teacher. In my spare time I lead as champion the CoderDojoRoma, a free coding club for kids.
Last august I'v been in Boston @ScratchConference2014...brilliant!
I'm sure I will find again many of the gorgeous people I've met there...and many other more.
I'm so happy to be here!


Hi Agnese happy to see you here!


Hi Everyone!
My name is Drew and I am currently an assistant head of a lower school in metro Detroit. I have not been a world traveler like many of you, but my adventures in life have given me fulfillment so far and a chance to meet many people on this great earth.
I am fidgety and constantly needing to move my fingers or I'll go crazy. My mother would always get mad at me because I often picked at the candles on her beautiful dinner table during mealtime, or she would find my napkin torn to shreds. In school, the floor under my desk would be layered with paper crumbles or pieces of my eraser because I couldn't leave anything alone. I am also the one that tears the labels off of bottles and rolls the playbill into a periscope at every performance. It's not because I'm repressed in any way... I just can't help it! That's why today I have multiple fidget toys on my desk at work and have to carry around silly putty so that I don't destroy a piece of property. Not really, but having something to constantly fidget with could be a good thing for me.
This truth about me is probably why I love creative learning. I love tinkering with just about anything and coming up with new ideas. I am hopeful this group will be a great resource for me and I can't wait to hear about the many ideas out there! Such a great idea to do this!
I hope this post finds everyone doing well!
Drew Mackay


Hi! I've been working in ed tech/online learning for about 15 years, and have had the pleasure of teaching in the UAE and in Costa Rica, designing learning environments for startups, and creating online and face-to-face experiences for a few universities in the Boston area, among other things. Currently I'm the head of Learning Experience Design at Six Red Marbles. I'm in Six Red's Charlestown office (next to Boston).

I am extremely excited for the curriculum, but even more excited to learn from all of you.


Hello everyone,

I am an engineer from Houston looking to learn more about learning. I'm always trying to continue my education, and understanding the best way to learn and teach others sounds really interesting. I can't wait to be a part of this new experience!


Dear friends,

I'm Ephraim, a young optimistic and eager to learn french student @HEC Paris. Studying business administration, I'd rather get involved in education more than in big companies or banks smile
I am currently looking for an internship in the education field - in a democratic or alternative school, or in a startup working hard on getting children learn about life with enjoyment and curiosity.

I believe the educational system is no longer adapted to our society and, worse, it's destroying the potential and creativity of our children, and would love to share knowledge and discuss it with you.
I'm looking for intelligent questions, not ready-made answers and like meeting smart and enthusiast people and learn from them. What about you?

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."


Hello, my name is Chris. I took this course two years ago and I'm looking forward to joining in the discussions and learning from everyone here. I've worked in schools (as a teacher & tech coordinator), game design(consulting producer) and software development(project manager, programmer I). I'm currently learning experience designer for a software company.

As a middle school teacher, I incorporated a lot of Scratch and making activities into my curriculum. I enjoyed working with my students as they solved puzzles and pursued topics they found interesting. I'm looking forward to becoming better at structuring valuable student-centered learning experiences.


I am a librarian who has been working with Massachusetts adult basic education teachers at the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I am interested in literacy, reading, STEM and STEAM work and research. I have been attending technology and STEM related trainings because I want to put my librarian skills of organization, ability to connect to information and my need explore new ideas for myself and others.The ALRI after 30 years lost its grant so I am open to career transformation.
I started to follow the Media Lab and took the second course in lurker mode but want to participate more this time. Sandra P Darling


Hey y'all >>

I might be super late to the party here, but my name is Sam and I'm an emerging education aficionado based in Chicago, IL. I'm originally from Auburn, AL and graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in Cinema Studies. Currently, I am working at The Jellyvision Lab, an interactive communications agency that helps people understand things (like health care benefits and student loans) in funny, smart, engaging ways. I've also taught Writing/Media at a charter school and developed educational materials for media literacy initiatives (shout out to Apollo Outreach.)

This is my first MOOC ever so I'm excited to see where it leads.

Looking forward to meeting you all >>


Hi, My name is Mariahna and I'm from Pennsylvania. I used to be a software developer and work in consulting. As the mother of a young child and an 'old dog trying to learn new tricks,' I've become increasingly interested in new ways of learning especially related to innovative applications of technology.


Hello world,
I'm Giacomo (eineki if you want to find me online) an italian developer used to live here on earth since the last part of the previous century.

I stumbled on a sort of creative learning almost two years ago and got charmed. Since them I've been a proud member of the Bologna incarnation of Coderdojo Movement.

For me this is a chance to have a broader view of the principles that lie behind the learning and to have a firsthand experiment of the creative learning practices as an attendee.

I hope this will be also fun


Hello all.

My name is Mike Arsenault. I have worked in K-12 education since 1990 as a math teacher, technology coordinator and integrator. I am a Google Certified Teacher (#gtachi). I am the Instructional Technology Integrator at Frank H. Harrison Middle School (an Apple Distinguished School) in Yarmouth, Maine. I have worked in 1:1 learning environments for the past 12 years. I have also taught courses for the University of Southern Maine and Saint Joseph's College of Maine in technology in education.


Hi, I'm a Learning Experience Designer at Six Red Marbles--there are a few Marbles taking this course, so you may see us around! In a past life, I lived and taught cultural studies in Indonesia, where formal avenues for creative learning are few but where mysticism, myth, storytelling, and making are a normal part of everyday life. In an even former life I was a classical violinist and I miss that very much. My musicianship now informs my learning design, teaching and my relationships. Lastly, I love love love board games, especially Euro or strategy games and unexpectedly found friends and community in Jakarta through gaming. Excited to find out about new ways of creative learning! Best, Brittany


Welcome Sam, you are just in time! It is never too late!


Hi - My name is Rik Eberhardt. I work at the MIT Game Lab where I make games and teach undergrads at MIT how to make games. I'm currently working on games about humanatarian relief and games to teach world history, ecology, and earth science. The kinds of games I work on run the gamut from tabletop board/card games to digital video games to alternate reality games and role-play experiences.

I'm currently enrolled in the EdTechX series on the EdX platform that my co-workers are running and I'm finishing up an online Serious Games certificate at MSU. I'm very interested in adult learning - particularly the different methods that are being developed for online learning (my MSU courses have about 10-15 students per cohort, by EdX classes have over 10,000). I'm looking forward to seeing how LCL compares to the others, along with the learning that will happen here!


Hi everyone, my name is Adriana and I'm from Mexico, I'm a teacher trainer, a teacher at College, and I´m enriching a method to improve math learning. I´m very interested in creative learning, we need to keep developing ourselves in orde to help other to do the same.
It´s good to be here.



Hi! My name is Torry. I am a New Yorker currently based in London. I am a creative director and brand specialist and I am currently working on a social commerce platform as well as an online marketplace for independent makers. I am interested in collaboration and social innovation. Looking to be a part of a global community of educators, learners, makers and innovators.


Hi Brittany,

You may be interested in the Game Makers Guild. Connect your passion for board games with creative learning.


Hello everyone!

I'm an educational trainer and marketing specialist. I had the chance to participate in the LCL class in the spring of 2014.

I work with children on workshops to increase their creativity through storytelling and their emotional development. My activity takes place in specialised training companies and international schools where I deliver optional classes that I designed.

I also create connections and value through relationship marketing programs for companies with soul.
I'm passionate about Japan and I love stories and writing.

It's great to meet you all.


I am Mohamed. I work for GlaxoSmithKline Saudi Arabia. My career is about developing adults in terms of knowledge, communication, business planning and leadership skills. I am specially interested in independant learning.

I am happy to be working with our team here ! It is beautiful to share with people everything u have and learn from them too.

World needs us !


Hello, creative community! I'm Cynthia, a senior citizen from Austin, TX, with a doctorate in developmental psychology. I develop programs and materials (algunos en espanol) to help identify and nurture creativity in young children. See and for more info.


Hello, I'm Alexia, and I work as a healthcare provider.
I'm interested in improving life learning skills and learning about programming. My website is a journal of my learning journey. I'm looking forward to LCL and apply it to daily learning.


Hi! My name is Carlos and I am based in London, UK.
I work in education and community development. I am interested in creating and promoting makerspaces in schools, libraries and communty centers. The maker movement is gaining traction in the UK but there is still a very long way to go. I am currently developing a 'maker cart' to introduce some of the machines, thinking and projects that are associated with makerspaces. I am also interested in learning and teaching creative learning and design thinking. I am open to collaborate with others and share ideas.


Hi everyone! I'm a Spanish architect and a lifelong learner. I discovered LCL last year and I really fell in love with this community. Very glad to be here again!!!!


Professionally, I am a Program Director for a large healthcare IT company.
I teach Sunday School for K, 1st, 4th, and 5th graders, but not all at once!
I am interested in LCL because I love to learn, and I love to see others learn.


Hi everybody! My name is Elinis, I am from Brazil, but I have been out of my country since 2010.
I am on my beginning my journey as a teacher and looking for what can help me to be good on it. To learn news things is fascinating. I love to help others to believe in themselves and encourage them to make their dreams come true. I am learning more when I can interact myself with people and observing what they have done around the world. I realized through my journey that language is a problem, but not a stopping point. So, I'm look forward to see what I can learn here in this community, hoping I can be able to share in the same proportion. smile


Aloha, everyone!

My name is Michael Fricano II and I am a Technology Integration Specialist for 'Iolani School, a private K-12 institution in Honolulu, Hawaii! I am also an authorized Google Education Trainer, Google Geek, and an Apple Fan Boy! I love teaching and I love helping teachers learn how to effectively use technology to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom!


Hello, Mustafa,

Welcome to LCL. More than a course this is also a community with people from different backgrounds, culture, languages, but has this passion in common. I'm happy to know that a person with your influence is such open minded and still connecting,learning and looking for making things better. The InnoCampus seems a wonderful idea! Congrats!
I've been part of this since the first LCL in 2013 and as moderator since the last edition. I've met and connected to amazing people! Please feel free to ask about any doubts you should have.

Sonra görüşürüz! smile

Heloisa Zal


Hi Francesca! Glad to see you here again too! Besitos


Aloha, Michael! Welcome! Maybe we have a common friend, Carrie Harris? If you have any doubts, please be my guest! See you!


Yes, we do! I just saw Carrie today because she visited my school!


Hi I am Gwendolyn (Gwen) Thompson I am the Owner of Wizzbangz llc. A mobile S.T.E.A.M. education business, the guild leader of Curiosity Hacked (formerly Hacker Scouts) Guild 019 Gainesville, FL and the mom of four boys. I have a background in Graphic/Web design and early childhood eduction. Along with my husband we teach STEAM classes to kiddos ages 4+ that range from a design based early technology series for preschoolers all the way up to an Arduino based Build your own Laser Tag class for teens and adults. I am excited to become involved with the community and to share and learn together.


Wonderful! Pls say hello to her! Ask her to show up here!!!!


My name is Jack Sheu, and I'm a Silicon valley exec (Google, eBay) turned Learning entrepreneur newb. Electronic handshake below:

Focused on transforming the amazing ideas that I see (Jose Abreu's El Sistema, STEM/Maker movements, power of curiosity, success psychology/growth mindset/resilience) into the new learning default. How can we catalyze systemic change across countries, regions, and then the world?

Starting in Japan, in Niseko, Hokkaido. Starting small with summer camps (2015) & adult retraining groups (ongoing). Frankly, I couldn't think of a better country to apply LCL learnings. Very excited to learn from all of you.


Jack Sheu


My name is Anders Berggren, Smedjebacken Sweden. This is my third LCL, so I was a little bit confused about the new LCL. Has it really started? Ah, yeah... I get it. The first message is the oldest. Is there a way to sort to newest first?

Ok. I live in a small place in Sweden, working with ICT-education and advising. And I love to meet the kids(7-16 yrs) in techprojects, like building "the future of electrical cars" with re:cycled stuff.

and Arduino, Scratch, Raspberry Pi.

Ah, and I must say; I love the creative, international touch of the LCL. And the Unhangouts. I hope to catch up with you...

Best regards from Smedjebacken, Sweden (Nope, no snow yet... only the evil darkness of november).




As a teacher, my main problem is keeping up the good work (based on my own standards). Not so much keeping up with the administration and doing what I should do, but keep going on the projects I love and that inspire the students in the same way.

I teach computer science in a secondary school in Vilvoorde, Belgium. I have no collegues in this course. That means I'm all by myself. Nobody to converse about ideas or problems.

I come here to meet inspiring people and to work on new content, together, to learn, together, to discuss, together.

That is my hope



My name is Abby Neale, I am a on artist, educator and social engager. I love being part of a community of people enthusiastic about creative education. I am all about creative thinking, arts education, social justice ed, and design education.

I run a creative thinking initiative : Link here - it's still in its fledgling stages. With partnerships I hope to create so e education workshops, education resources, and social experiments that encourage people to rethink their everyday using their imaginations.

have taught ESL in Thailand, taught art to kids, and worked in youth development in Vermont. I'm applying to art education graduate school.


Hello comrades!
I am Jacson - surname used as a name: Brazilian things - a history teacher on the public education system. Living and working in the city of Novo Hamburgo, on the fluvial-lacustrine and industrialized region of southern Brazil.

I live busy days, with the end of the school year here, and the start of summer vacation just ahead in time and in mind visions. Bureaucratic and evaluation procedures coming at its final deadlines, in an inherited rigidity of the only one State Government supported in the Comte's Positivism confession at the political history. In addition, all the Brazilian educational system are in upgrade, incrementing and/or redesign process.

I went back to relax and meditate as in youth, now to enjoy the diffuse thinking in learning and creativity... or simply to enjoy being one. I like to sing and play musical instruments. I was a professional draftsman but currently little practice. I like long walks, riverside and singing birds. I like spontaneous kindness and genuine friendship.

Also, I headed the organization of the annual edition undergraduate research fair of Polytechnic High School, here where I work this year. Moreover, we have a working group in our school being so awarded in international school science fairs for developing shingles recycling PET bottles.
I never before had assumed such responsibility as a teacher, but someone had to do it; after all my colleague, with whom I planned the fair, was receiving awards in Peru, with their workgroup, in the only date that the school administration has given us to do so... Still, our internal school fair was very cool!

Like I said, I've been busy. But now I get to share here in the community more often. See you, peers!


Hi Heloisa! Very glad to see you too! ;D


So happy to see you here again! Congrats for your work! Could you please share some pictures of the science fair on Ongoing Projects, please? I'd love to see them ! Tks


Hi @franca @skola2015 nice too meet you again!


Third time. But I don´t really get the thing this time... No, hangoutsessions. Hmmm, a bit confused.


@skola2015 Maybe we have to start a new Spirals team wink


Hey y'all! I'm Paul, a 4th-year Computer Science student at Oberlin College; this is my first LCL. This summer I worked at an iD Tech in Waltham, Massachusetts, teaching the fundamentals of programming to 7-9 year-olds using Scratch, and I want to learn more about how technology can be used in the classroom. I also love playing and making games, and want to learn how they can be used as educational tools.


Hi, my name is Egle.
I am an ICT teacher. I am very interested in the learning process, technology and our ability to adapt to the future depending on our cultural boundaries.
I am a teacher under construction and I hope I can always see myself as so.


Hello, My name is Michaël and I live in France, I am a learner and a facilitator in self-education. I hope to participate as much as I can to the lcl community.


Hello! My name is Jenna Frye and I am a professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, MD. I teach art and design, of course, but at the core, I'm teaching the concepts of creative learning! Very happy to meet others interested in play in education and how to develop and empower curiosity in students. Nice to meet you all smile


I wanted to introduce myself but could not find a normal box to input words for, a bit intimidated. This is a try to see if comeout some where as I assumed. If it does, I will give more details. Thank you. Hopefully, I did not offend anyone.


I liked what I saw from the pictures of your space. I would love to communicate with you about your experience in running your space. I run a similar thing but not from a school but from a science center which is affiliated to the organization I work for. We have students and adults come to our open to the public events. Most ofthe programs we have had using tinkering ideas to make participation a different learning experience. We are planning on bringing these programs to schools to get students to realize that knowledge can assimilated in ways other than the standarded classrooms. With what they have already they can be creative and it is important that they can still think independently.


Hi, my name is Leandro Boeira and I´m Master of Engineering, Production Engineering in Modeling and Simulation of Systems and Bachelor of Mathematics in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. I´m leaving in Bento Gonçalves, a city in southern Brazil.

I teach afterschool classes for children and youth (7 to 15 years old) using educational Lego robotics kits, trainning teachers to apply the methodological concepts used in robotic classes collaborating and giving lectures in interdisciplinary approaches for STEM teachers.

Also undergraduate professor, Technologist in System Analysis and Development, taught fundamentals of computing subjects like algorithms and programming, computational logic and data structures applying tools as kinect for Windows, Lego Mindstorms, Scratch and Alice programming languages. Developed a virtual abacus with students. Testing and ratifying the software kinect2scratch with Kinect for Windows to Stephen R. Howell (Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland).

I´m very proud to participe this group, and contribute to learning and sharing knowledgement with everybody.




Hello!My name´s Geraldine Randy´s owner, I was also known as geraldiux 64 .I´m so happy to keep in touch with you.
Only to tell you that Randy passed away 6 months ago -she was a chameleon.



Bienvenu, Michael ! Si vous avez des questions où si vous voulez échanger idées, nous pouvons parler ! À bientôt !


Oi, Leandro! Muito bom ver outro brasileiro por aqui! Sou de Sao Paulo. Faço parte dessa comunidade desde 2013, muitas coisas bacanas desde entao. Estou à disposiçao para o que precisar. No goolgle+, Heloisa Zal. e no gmail, heloisazal. Abs


Hi guys, my name is Rozzaq, im a high school student from indonesia. my english still not good enough. (especially in grammar). i found p2pu in google, when im searching where to learn code online. i just playing all the time. maybe because i dont know what to do, and maybe because i dont know what i want to be. Thanks before. smiley


I also participated in the first LCL edition. I was not very active, but I will do my best this time. I am Gemma from Barcelona and, while august is a quite month, I want to learn a lot of new things about creative learning.

I currently work in Doctors Without Borders as a Learning Designer and I can't wait to see how this LCL community goes.

Nice to meet you.


Hi everyone,
My name is Erum , I am from Pakistan, I have two lovely sons who teach me everyday about the world we all live in. I love to learn in a crazy manner, that's what landed me here. I started my learning as a group facilitator for teachers and moms of small children some 12 years ago. I got my Montessori training and played with many 3-6 years old mixed age group classrooms for many I start learning more, i realize that learning is highly individualized and experiential. I have seen kids learning in traditional desk style classrooms and have seen extremely creative learning in my Montessori classrooms and then amazingly natural learning in Nature /outdoor classrooms. As i train teachers of early childhood and others, i invite them to keep Observing kids Scientifically just as a scientist Observe and they will get the hidden formula of learning....that's highly individual experience.
I am excited to be here to learn and unlearn...


Hi, I am Vinti Doshi, from Gurgaon, India currently visiting Cambridge. I joined the LCL Community today though I have been closely following your activities. I want to start a Computer Clubhouse and Wildflower Montessori Center as an after school program for 5-14 year olds in my neighborhood. I believe that Creative Learning helps build self aware individuals which in turn means happier and successful individuals and I want to taket to the grass root level in India, My complete profile has been uploaded as well. Look forward to pointers.


Hello everyone ! I am Ragini, from India. My journey towards Learning Creative Learning has been from being an interdisciplinary designer largely interested in user-centered design process, to working for a non profit in India on developing educational material. Here I am currently using scratch as a tool to introduce students from low-income communities to coding & projects. Here is my blog, where I try to make sense of the world - & here is my portfolio-


Hello. I am Neha from India. I work in the education domain. I work with educators around the idea of creating engaging learning environments and creating spaces for students for self expression. I use a lot of creative mediums of body movement, arts and stories. I am hoping to learn a lot of new things here which I can take back to my practice :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone. I'm Ula from Taiwan. I'm not really sure if I can join this program, and kind of confused about it. I'm a high school student now and yeah, with poor English. I hope I can join the discussion here and learn more stuffs. I'm interested in everything, especially chemistry and neurology. I'll try hard to improve my English this summer and also learn more about the subjects I like. :slight_smile:

Now I'm interest in green products and trying to find more possible way to help our earth.

I'll do more research on neurology in the future and try to find the ways to copy memories from our brain. I know human cloning betrays our morality, but I really hope we can make one, for nothing but for science. It might helps if we use it in the right way, and I know we can do this.

Well, it's a hard issue, but that's my opinion about it.

I'm really looking forward to this!


Greetings! My name is Leslie and I support our early childhood education labs at Truman college in Chicago. We are in the process of building a tinkering space, early childhood methods labs, and a professional collaboration space. I'm excited to be in touch with like-mined educators and to learn!


Hi' My name is John, I'm living in Vilnius, Lithuania, where is Eastern Europe is :slight_smile: I opened my small business and selling good boxing equipment for my region :slight_smile:
I always wanted to work on my self and do what I want to and I hope I will get some luck in it


Hello, everyone! I'm Venti, I'm a new member here. Please kindly assist me. I'm a very easy going person, talk-active and very considerate about having a group or personal discussion. Well, I'm totally new with LCL. So, its very nice for being a part of you all. :slight_smile:


Hi! I'm Clara Ika. You can call me Aya. I'm from Palembang, South sumatera, Indonesia. I love writing and culture enthusias. Cause i'm a tutor, I would like to learn more about creative learning. Cause in Indonesia, study sometimes make students bored.


Hello! My name is Karen Watson and I am the Director of the Early Childhood Center at Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I love working with young children, their teachers, and their families. I am also passionate about learning through experience and utilizing open-ended materials to foster creativity, collaboration, and problem solving.


Hello All,

I'm Kai, an IGCSE ICT/Com Sci teacher from Thailand. My goal is to inspire my students to love STEMS. Thanks to this community that share hugh knowledge and experiences without country boundary.


Hi all
my journey started at a young age. tinkering from an the age of 5 with materials salvaged from dumpsters, dismantling things to see how they work, lots of wood work using scrap wood from a factory close to home. One day while visiting a friend I spotted an electronics kit. I saved up from my paper round to buy one as I was obsessed. years later I'm running a maker space at my daughters school and enjoying seeing children immerse themselves in the simple activity of dismantling and creating sculptures from the salvaged material.


Im so new at this, kinda confused, but im ready to learn whens the next class


Not sure if there's a plan for future cohorts, but I'm going to make my way through these modules at my own pace. I'm very interested in the idea of embedding creativity into all aspects of the curriculum and and looking forward to the learning here!