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LCL ZOO project needs you ! :)


I invite all of you at this collaborative project with Scratch: The LCL Zoo. The idea is to have the stage full of different sprites, each one created by different persons.
Each sprite represents a different habitant of LCL Zoo. Is up to you decide what kind of LCL habitant you want to create (could be yourself, an alien or whatever).

At the end we will have a big interactive LCL Zoo projects

How to participate

1) Remix the LCL Zoo template project

2) Draw or import your sprite habitant. The sprite has to have fixed dimension so go into the costumes area and draw your sprite inside the black square (or import your picture and reduce it to fit in the black square). when you have finished, remove the black square

3) your habitant (sprite) has to have a script that starts with "When this sprite is clicked" (already in the template). When clicked, your habitant has to say something, or think something, or play short sounds (not more than 10 secs) or your voice, or spin around, or change color. I discourage you to use "move" or "glide" blocks, because the single sprite's movements can not be consistent when it will be uploaded in a big project with other sprites.

4) when you have completed the script for your habitant, add your remix project to LCL Zoo studio

5) deadline: you can participate till next Monday, April 14


This sounds like a lot of fun. (My kids will have to help me!)


A great idea to practice !Because I´m new with Scratch


@geraldiux64 I look forward to see your habitant wink


I'm in. I'll start this weekend!


Great @franca I look forward to see your habitant in the zoo


Great idea! It demonstrate a collaborative projet that requires very little interaction. The rules are well defined, the platform is set and everybody can chip in. So the output can be large (low floor) but order or complexity will be probably low, unless some authoriry takes the job of organizing the zoo. You got me curious... i'll go make an animal.


Done - Trumpetina is waiting in the Zoo studio:


OK. I'm just glad I didn't accidentally overwrite the template. Here is Mad Cow Disease:

Inspired by the cows we see everywhere, here in Switzerland. Thanks to my boys for helping me.


What a great idea! I've been trying to come up with a quick and simple way to get a class of kids introduced to remixing and sharing. I will re-use this zoo project approach this summer wink And check out my addition to this one! Can't wait to see the final product.


I've already done it and I've put my ant in the LCL ZOO!


This is a great idea. I like how the structure can help lend easy-to-follow guidance while leaving plenty of room for personal exploration, and how it promotes remixing and shared projects. This is a great example of a group project. This gives me ideas for my own workshops and helped me think about good balances between structured guidance/instructions and openness. Thanks for this.

Added my spinning alien zoo creature:


Here's my habitant, a benevolent alien genie!


@franca but your sprite has no script; your nice habitant hasn't nothing to say or else?


yes ant sing!!!!! perhaps I haven't add it on the right way?


you need to add a script to your ant (point 3 above)
See other projects in the LCL Zoo Studio to get inspiration


I have it! I found the mistake...!!!!


Great, I would like to be a part this project, it is peer based and accessible for all,
Thumbs Up @CyberParra


Hi all
here is The LCL Zoo, the main project created with all of our habitants.
You can remix this project to create your ZOO version

Thanks to all LCL scratchers who have joined smile


LCL Zoo remains open.
So, feel free to add habitants to the LCL Zoo studio


Added Wingz to the LCL Zoo and remixed it. Added the Remix to the LCL Zoo studio. Here is the link:
Thanks to all the zoo inhabitants and @CyberParra for your inspiration (and your Scratch code)!