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[resolved] Explicit design considerations would help people learn from this shift from google+ to discourse


Explicit design considerations from LCL2 designers would help people learn from this shift from google+ to discourse. If we can go beyond general remarks of the kind [some] "people were frustrated scrolling through diverse kinds of posts on g+," then we can take stock of whether Discourse turns out to be actually better on the various different considerations.


I later (to my embarrassment) came across an FAQ on this: "more continuity of discussions. Key questions and discussions [not so easily] buried... more visible when entering the forum. [R]educe advertising and spam"



Uh oh, we aren't going to get into a "get embarrassed" contest, are we? Because I think I would have you beat on that front, kind Sir. There's a lot to take in, it's good to get first impressions out there I think. It is also good to keep exploring and trying to figure things out. We're on our way, I believe. We're still pre-class, no telling what they have in store for us. I am thinking things are going to get easier as this goes along as far as figuring out what it's all about. It looks like they've intended some things and have left some things open to be shaped by us.