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The Oliver Fan Club


Yeah, yeah, yeah...the chameleon is cute and all, but I want to go on record saying how much I already miss getting emails from Oliver. What can I say, I am a change agent that doesn't like change...

Were you in LCL1 and do YOU miss Oliver? Tell us why...


Am I the only person who didn't realise that Oliver really was a machine? Feeling a bit stupid now!


Actually, it wasn't a machine writing it, just sending the email


Oh Natalie, please don't ruin my Oliver fantasy...sniff...he knew me so well...


Oliver is a machine and he is currently reading all of these messages. Randy is his friend and Oliver is teaching Randy everything he knows about sending out mass emails (and crashing servers). They are inseparable.


There are some chamelospiracies going around that Oliver was actually trying to sabotage Randy with the server crash. Apparently some old feud dating back to the Robo-Chameleon Feud of 963 B.C.


And what do we really know about Randy? Remember @CyberParra intro project featuring Randy, well on closer look I discovered something perhaps a little bit sinister! Check it out here`


Wow Sandy, so it IS a hostile take-over! I knew Oliver wasn't willingly giving up his rightful place as our esteemed connector to all things LCL but I didn't want to come off as a tin foil hat-wearing nut job. Somewhere deep in the bowels of MIT's Media Lab, I suspect Oliver has been reprogrammed to perform photo copying and coffee dispensing duties. I am quite certain now of this as it appears that Randy put Oliver's name down on the "I take responsibility for the snafus on Day One" email we all got. I thought that was odd...if Randy is in charge, why is Oliver apologizing for Randy's mistakes? We need to start a FREE OLIVER! movement if we are to save him before he loses all his LCL memory...


Hello!Oh Randy is famous!!


So nice!! Randy says hello to everybody!!


It's his upbringing. He is helplessly polite and wanted to help out his new best friend. By the way, I am pretty sure I saw them together walking across campus and sharing a good chuckle. I think they are in this together.