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What is your way to say Hi to Randy?


As stated in the last e-mail from LCL staff, Randy is the new mascot for LCL: is the LCL Chameleon.

So, how we can say Hi to Randy?
This is may way: Randy the LCL Chameleon

What is your?
A picture, a drawing, a text, a music, a video, a scratch project.....?
Share your Hi Randy here if you like it


I couldn´t find LCL-Randy. Where did he go?


Hi Randy, nice to meet you...Do you happen to have Oliver's email? Thanks!


Randy is having a nap



Hi Randy. I finally found you. How are you?

He was out scratching...


I have some serious concerns about Randy too…


I decided to say hello to Randy using Aurasma.

To see his greeting, download the free Aurasma App on your device, search for the channel named MIT Randy. Once you have choined the channel, hover you Aurasma app over the photo of Randy at the start of the movie clip we watched.

Happy Aura!


Here's my hello using Voki:


Hello, Randy!

I made you a chameleon keychain on our laser cutter. I hope you like it! smiley