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[resolved] Chameleon link seems set to private


Continuing the discussion from The Oliver Fan Club:

I received a link in an e-mail from LCL about Randy, the new chameleon mascot for LCL.

The link provided points here but appears to go nowhere and I get an error message:


are you logged in when you get that error message?



Yes, and actually the e-mail link is a bit different than in my post. If I click the e-mail link when logged in, it takes me to the page I linked to and shows me what I have included in the screenshot. If I actually click the link in my post, it is slightly different and says the topic is private and that I do not have access.

When not logged in, the e-mail link simply takes me to the list of categories.

Someone might want to check the permissions set on the topic


Thanks for letting us know...


Maybe it's an issue with how the link is being handled by the email program? When we click this link, (even from "incognito mode" in the browser) it works:


Clicking from the link you just posted I get this:


Hmm...not sure why that's happening for you, we'll continue to investigate. If you find anything on about it, please let us know.


Oh, we see now -- try this instead: